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by Cap'n Ben[edit source]

That is the main question here. I mean, I was laughing at how stupid this was while writing it, but that could just be my opinion. Mostly, it needs ideas for expansion. In depth review, as always, is expected. Cool.   Le Cejak <Apr 22, 2008 [1:28]>

Haha! I loved your ideas, Ben! It's in mainspace and I added some stuff... what do you think now?   Le Cejak <Apr 22, 2008 [2:06]>
Humour: 9 I laughed all the way through. What more can I say? =Added a section=
Concept: 8 Very nice. I always though that one of the odd things about LOTR was the way even the food was worse in evil countries. Why don't evil people like a nice meal? I bet Stalin engoyed a nice piece of chicken Kiev when not massacring millions.
Prose and formatting: 10 Absolutely splendid. A nice mixture of wordy Tolkien prose, anal Tolkien fandom, and pretentious food criticism. Wasn't sure about the swearing in the LOTR "quotes", but on second thought the contrast between this and the Tolkien speech helped sell the joke.
Images: 7 Images a little obvious, but I do like the captions. =Added an image=
Miscellaneous: 9 It's very miscellaneous, but not completely so.
Final Score: 43 I know you were looking for ways to expand it, but I think it's pretty good at its current length. Lengthening it without ruining the flow of the running gags could be tricky. Perhaps lengthen the intro with a history of the chilies- how the seeds were from the pure strain of Numenor Habeneros, cursed and blighted by the power of Witch-King. Or you could add a conclusion about how the came to be left out of the movie, even the 407 hour ultraplatinum DVD version, and so a fan movie was made consisting entirely of Tom Bombadil eating salsa? =shamelessly stole your ideas=
Reviewer: --Cap'n Sir Ben GUN WotM VFH VFP 01:50, 22 April 2008 (UTC)

Eh?[edit source]

Does note CoMpUtE? Don't get it. It's a hot what? MrN MrN9000SouthParksmall.jpg 14:03, Apr 23 you know what a jalapeno is?   Le Cejak <Apr 23, 2008 [14:08]>
"The jalapeño or jalapeno is a medium to large size chili pepper". Or "hot"... :P I'm obviously missing something... MrN MrN9000SouthParksmall.jpg 14:11, Apr 23
ugh! nevermind.   Le Cejak <Apr 23, 2008 [14:28]>