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Slade wuz a band that haz manee hit songs dat wur this article!


For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Slade.


Slade wuz frum another Planet.

Slade wuz a band that wuz formed in the year 2525 B.C. frum the disstant planet Wolverhampton by Superman's step dad's uncle Du-Tel. (Dae yowe know, royt, tha Krypton iz tha kappital citay of Wolverhampton). Their lead singers are Robert Plant and the transexual Noddy Holder.

Four a few yeers there, Slade would play and bash there instruments on da villins dat invaded Krypton such as sum creatures from Uranus.

But since the planet Krypton wuz in trubel, Slade's parents put them on a meteor with Kryptonite (Unlike Superman, Slade got 'err powers from Kryptonite).

Arrival on Earth[edit]

weer all crazee now!

It wuz 1967 when Slade would cum to Earth as a band with sparkly clothes and mispelling there songs (dey even did it wit da cover songs such as "Bourn 2 B Wile" and "Martha M'Deer").

There muzik wuzn't mispelled on there furst album which wuz dun in 1969 since dey wur supposed to be the next Beatles and they wore tight clothes rather than their sparkly clothes since it wuz Leggy Mountbatten who wuz tired of teaching kids in Australia at de time.

This failed in 1970 and to celebrate, dey put on err boots and stomped on the stage at Alburt Hall (Which wuz neer Albert Hall in Londun) until it collapsed.

Da Band Slade[edit]

After firing there manager (Literally, dey set 'im on fire) Slayed changed their name to Slade and decided to mispell everything, even dis page!

Their first song to be mispelled wuz "'Cos I Luv U" which wuz where Slade stomped their feet and played de fiddle.

Slade toque da Unytid Kingdum bye storm after there furst gold song "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" and "Cum On Feel The Noize".

Tha Band Slade would go to the Unytid Staytes and perform there songs, but they didn't hold-up like David Bowie or Elton John (It may be 'cos Slade wuz not gay).

There song "Merry Xmas Everyone" is played 365 days a year in England and sometimes on Leap Year.

Fight Against Robin[edit]

Slade's rival Robin hated da way Slade wold mispell there words.

In 1999, Slade wold perform at Woodstock and they were stopped by a mob hoo destroyed the concert. One of dem wuz Robin hoo wuz da culprit and Slade wold stop da concert, put on there boots, and stomp the fire out.

Dey were heroes and vowed to stop Robin every time he wold crash a concert.

Da last thyme dat hapund wuz wen dey wur doing a Concurt for the def. Dat wuz last year in Cleveland and da Tween Titans tried to crash da concurt 'cuz Hannah Montana wuzn't dere. Dis angered da Tween Titans so day brought her and da Jonas day brought dem and dey made the audience def. But wen Slade played, dey made everyone roknroll again like dey wur supposed to.

After dat, da Tween Titans wur loked in Michael Jackson's hause. (This wuz wen Michael Jackson wuz dead, mind you).

Catch Phrases[edit]

Their favourite Catch Phrases are

                                 1 Ittay tae toyme              --> It is not tea time.
                                 2 Yowe Ulroyt?                 --> Are you alright?
                                 3 Diaphragn                    --> Fook U, Robin boy Blunder.