Reasons why Donald Trump is the worst president ever

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Uh Oh. All those fake news people says Donald Trump is a worst president, and want Uncyclopedia to share this information. Okay, here are reasons why.

He got his hair messed up[edit | edit source]

"Sus" -Donald Trump

Remember the year, 180509? Wait, that's not it. Uhhh..... Let's forget about the freaking date year. Donald Trump's beautiful hair got messed up cuz he got into a strip party, and those shitty people messed his hair up. All of those Trump supporters asked, "Why is his hair get messed up? Is it because he dum?" Here's Trump's response, and it's on the right with Trump's messed up hair.

He went to jail[edit | edit source]

Of course, if presidents went to jail, it always mean their #1 worst. He committed tax fraud like that Mario episode or something.

He cheated on his wife again[edit | edit source]

Remember that UnNews source of, "Trump tests positive?" He fucked Mulan! Welp, his wife is a police, so she can get Trump to jail whenever she wants.

He's an imposter in Among Us[edit | edit source]

Trump decided to play Among Us after he lost the 2020 Election. For his first play, he got imposter. Did you know Trump's a noob? He killed right in front of crewmates, and say Biden is the impostor, even though he's not in the game. See? Look at this dude! No no no no no no.

I said so[edit | edit source]

I ran out of ideas, so this is why Donald Trump is the worst president. Enjoy being in the Devils team for Football. Just Kidding, read a book, dumbhead!

He didn't finish LittleBigPlanet again[edit | edit source]

"I need to learn more about LittleBigPlanet," Trump said when he's eating his McDonalds. He eats McDonalds cuz it was named after him. That's useless, right?

He went to schools with the subject, "Not Maths." His teacher told him, "LittleBigPlanet" is a planet that's little, and also big at the same time. Trump is playing that game, and fails every time, and stuck on fucking Level 1. "This game is racist," Trump whined. He whined and whined and whined that he wanna cheat on his wife. Trump's teacher says he can play Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Trump says what's Sackboy: A Big Adventure. His teacher says it's a game about Sackboy having a big adventure. But he fails every time at Level 1. Trump says, "WAAAAAAAAAHH! I don't wanna play this crappy game, cuz I never beat Level 1." "Well, that's cuz you the worst bos," his teacher roasts him.

He's impeached[edit | edit source]

That's right! He's impeached cuz he ate a peach that has an "im" on it, and he marries a princess named, "Princess Impeach." And he's an impostor. What does impostor had to do with impeach? It has an 'im' on it, so it rhymes with impeach. And he sus black for no reason, and he racist (it means impeached). According to the Joe Biden law company, if you sus black in Among Us, you're a racist.

He didn't let his supporters know there's Civil War II coming up.[edit | edit source]

Trump is a racist cuz he didn't let anyone know there's a Civil War II coming up, and he sus black in Among Us, Trump wanna let them know, so they do a speech for his fellows, and said, "Everyone, there's a-" HOOPLAAA! "Ahem, there's a-" HOOPLA! "Just let me finish! There's a-" HOOPLA! HOOPLA! *bonked by Trump with a coconut brick* "There's a Civil War II coming up!" Wait, why did I say that Trump didn't let his supporters know there's a Civil War II coming up? He did?! OH NO! I'm gonna get fired for this! I need to delete this before- "You're fired," Trump says. Aw shit, I got fired again. Time to go to a frickin lava and and respawn at the Among Us lobby, unless I got racist to the black! Not again!

He's a racist[edit | edit source]

Why did I read this stupid article? I wish I go to the talking dog that shits article.

Didn't I tell you Trump sus black? Yeah, this is definetely useless.

He cheated[edit | edit source]

Cheated? Oh yeah, he cheated in that Spongebob Movie. He stoled Hilary Clinton's crown from Clinton City, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is trying to save us. I guess Trump should see a president.

A talk with Donald Trump and Animaniacs (Epilogue)[edit | edit source]

Donald Trump: Hey cartoon thingies or something.

Animaniacs: Aw come on, you didn't even know us, dumbass.

Donald Trump: Yea well I can speak whenever I want.

Yakko: You should see the 13th amendment.

Donald Trump: *cringes with anger* No No No! That's not what I want!

Dot: Yea well this is an Uncyclopedia article, right Wakko?

Wakko: I don't know what that means, but I know in a sos.

Wakko: *sings* "Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Washington DC, that went to the Ohi-" Oh, I can't remember what sos means.

Yakko: Yikes, you should see EA.

Wakko: *gets triggered and dies*

Dot: Oh well. He died.

Donald Trump: Well, what about me?

Yakko: Oh yeah, I forgot about that pizza man who dosen't give a shit about waiting for my corn.

Donald Trump: *gets triggered and dies dramatically*

Yakko: Oh well, he died just like Wakko, but more crappy.

Dot: Wanna go to the wedding and kiss?

Yakko: Nah, I got COVID-19, and I touched you.

Dot: Aw man! *then coughs and dies*

Yakko: ...

Yakko: Uhhh... I'll just press the reset character button from Roblox, and dies.

Yakko: *resets himself which kills himself*

Narator: That's all folks, now get the hell out of here before I cancel Theo's subscription.