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Rayman, depicted in his original appearance

In a time before UbiSoft was memorable for their later titles utilizing top of the line research, they tried their hand at making a nice and unique platformer to grace the original Playstation and PC along with a bunch of other platforms. Michel Ancel took matters in his own hands and got to work. On one fateful day, the stress from the product overwhelmed him to the point that he was sent into another world as his own creation, Rayman. During his short trip, Michel gained sight about what to put in the game and told his companions about the findings. Sometime in 1995, it was released with overwhelmingly positive reception.

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The original[edit]

As the great magician recalls:

Michel, now Rayman, engages in an epic journey to save Betilla and free the Electoons as well as defeat Mr. Dark. It was a long and dangerous journey, but he has satisfied the conditions to keep a world at peace. However...

The Great Escape[edit]


Following the events of his forst adventure, robot pirates have invaded his home (the Glade of Dreams) and captured its inhabitants for slave labor. Unfortunately, he was one of those who were imprisoned; luckily, he found his best friend Globox during this time and freed themselves in the titular Great Escape. Following the escape, the two set off to find and neutralize Razorbeard- the captain of the robo-pirates. In the meantime, they go on a journey to find four masks in order to awaken Polokus, a magic being who dreamt the Glade into existence. When they find the masks, Polokus awakens and destroys all the pirates in the Glade with the exception of a prison ship. With the defeat of Razorbeard at the hands of Rayman, everything is okay.


Main article: Raving Rabbids

UbiSoft was planning out the details for Rayman's next adventure with this new installment proving to be very interesting. However, all the ideas went to hell when the Raving Rabbids overrun the system with a desire for prominence. This would mark the occasion that his adventures would be documented in 3D. The Rabbids would become famous, much to the dismay of fans, and possibly snub him. Eventually, they looked to the past and started over: his origins were released as a way for those fans to look back at something that defined their childhoods.

Rayman today[edit]

Rayman fighting against Sonic for dominance of the platform game genre.

Since the release, Rayman had to defend his title against the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. These fights have lasted for eons with no signs of ending. He will be remembered with a legacy that anyone could be proud of.

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