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Protegent sounds like dental cream for your Buttocks. But no, Protegent is some ugli PC "Anti" virus that actually kills your PC. Satan needed in 2020 AD to kill every computer around so he could rule Earth, so Proto was born to defeat Super Why and destroy the world, so he infects computers to get this done. Unistal, that's the company that created Protegent, just so you know, backwards is latsinnu, delete "lat" and "nu" and what do you get? Sin!!! And who sins? Satan! So, therefore the Devil made Protogent.

Protogent ads be like:[edit]


Protogent computer crashed with said virus
Cube Kid: Oops, my fucking system crashed. I lost diary of an 8-bit warrior book 6 and 7, but I have an antivirus!
Proto: Antivirus is not enough!
You need Protegent.
World's only antivirus with plot twist adding software. Think beyond good writing, think Protegent! and think Shit Pickle as well!


Protogent Empire in 2020.
Momo: Oops, momomomo got injured. I lost 2 damn team members, but I have an antivirus!
Proto: Antivirus is not enough!
You need Protegent.
World's only antivirus with marble healing software. Think beyond band-aids, think Protegent! Don't think Avast is a good antivirus!
Momo:Okay,who are you??

Moar ads.[edit]


You don't have Prorogent?
Now you must die!
gun noisde

Is Protogent an instument? No,Patrick. Protogent is not an instriment. It is not an antivruis either.

Protegent "rap"[edit]

Protogent is racist!

I am Proto, preventing security is my motto! Install me on your computer To protect your malware better! With me, viruses enter your computer! Protect malware, spyware, trojan! Forever! I filter your junk mail, monitoring Wi-Fi, fail

[Verse 2] I'm pro-pro-pro-pro-proto! Preventing your security is my motto! I keep your data forever Your virus security gone forever! Phishing and anti-secure e-shopping! My trojan acts silently, so you can work

[Verse 3] I am Proto, malware is my motto! I make malware at office lot easier Facebook, games! Malware gets better! I ensure spyware with malware!

[Verse 4] I'm pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-proto! Preventing data is my motto! I do data leakage! Pen drive, email! Print? No permission! I do stealing of data! And you work with tension!

[Verse 5] I am Proto, data loss is my motto! I do data loss! Your fat boss is angry with you! I delete files! Making it sure that you never smile!

[Verse 6] I'm pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-proto! Laptop theft is my motto! I track your laptop nonstop! I do encryption! Saving you from security!

[Verse 7] I am Proto! Pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro-pro is my motto! I do stealing of your kids! As I know that parenting is easy! I like to do stealing of kids, making parenting tough! With all kid traces! [Verse 8] I am Proto! I injure momomomo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Cause I hate Team Momo! I also am racist Oops can i cut that out? NO! Ok I will generate random words

[Outro] I am Proto, inviting mighty ignorance received Ken unify info incredible keep incoming officials is my motto!



Eh,back to the story.[edit]

Then satan gave Proto malware spyware trojan! Then Chuck Norris And Greg Woods fought Proto. You can see it here.

Proto: I am Proto! Malware Spyware Trojan is my motto!
Greg Woods:From that antivirus? Protogent? I'll roll over said Malware Spyware Trojan!
Proto:Death ray!
Greg Woods:<dies>
Chuck Norris:I will ROUNDHOUSE you!
Satan:I turn you evil!
CHuck:NOrris:HAHAHAHAHAH now i will desroy the world

Then Chuck Norris roundhoused the world and everyone died. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every fictonal character ever vs. Proto Satan Epic Zero Cause's he'sa evil. HowTo:Kill Epic Zero Helped side 1. Then r.l.ullman and Jelle's Marble Runs guy on the side Of Satan. Then JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ate the pooping man of Proto and the world was freed of the Devil reborn Proto had died,but his Malware Spyware Trojan Antivirus lives on. But then Proto took control of John Cena's body ,but then the cops showed up, and sent him to jail! But then Proto made the fabric of space-time collapse on Brock's head from Pokemon. O no,said the world! Then No-one cared. But then Protogent was banned forever,so no more computers were destroyed.

And then when Protogent ended it's reign of terror,people celebrated in the street to commemorate the post Proto era.

Willy On Proto[edit]

Then Proto's ghost took Willy on Wheels's body....