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Pedro beginning his famous Spanish stripper dance.

Peter Dennis "I Didn't Do It" Townshend (born 19 May 1945) is an English guitarist who plays in the band The Who.

He is made famous for his arm swinging action used whilst playing the guitar. This is used to symbolise the act of launching a discus, reflecting his ancient Greek relations.

The guitarist with a huge nose. He was sexually abused as a child, and as a result dances like he has a hot potato in his pants. Contrary to popular belief, he was not born with a Gibson in his arms; instead, it was brought to him by a fourth wise man who mistook him for Christ. Townshend is famous for swinging his arms while playing the guitar; this is meant to symbolise the act of launching a discus, reflecting his ancient Greek ancestry. Townshend currently resides with singer/songwriter George Michael in a van down by the river.

Los Quienes[edit]

Whilst working with Los Quienes, Pedro Ciudadshend Cityshend Villageshend [and various other last names] wrote many hits including No Puedo Explicar, Quienes Eres Tu, Autobus Majico, Yo Puedo Ver Para Millas, Trato, Los Ninos estan Bien and Senor O'Riley.


An alternate expression of Pedro's spasms is represented by smashing his guitars, which punk/grunge/indie/whatever fans have called the "hope I die before I get old" syndrome.
  • Pedro has suffered from uncontrollable epileptic spasms since 1967. Trying to conceal these attacks, he started compensating for said convulsions by excessively making his right arm go round in circles while playing his guitar. Fans of Pedro claim this to be his "peculiarity #1" and NOT a dysfunction. He claims that it was provoked by bowling.[1]
  • Pedro became deaf, dumb and blind after encountering The Beast.
  • Pedro thinks his nose is huge and has hypnotized the world at large into thinking so as well, hiding the fact the he actually doesn't have one. Even pictures can't tell.
  • His enormous beak gives Townshend the ability to smell odours up to a range similar to that of dogs.

The Internet[edit]

Pete/Pedro was the inventor of the internet, (Haven't you heard the song relay?) it was originally to be called "The Townshend" but "town" was considered to sound too small scale.