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“Once upon a time I screwed your father

~ Ronald McDonald on once upon a time...

“once upon a time chuck norris was born... internet humour was never the same again”

~ De_Mouse on once upon a time...

Once upon a time... is a stud phrase that has been used in English shittelling for many years. Traditionally children's fairy tails begin with Once upon a time...and ends with 'And they huffed many kittens happily ever after.'

Modern Use[edit]

The phrase Once upon a time... is currently trademarked by the undercover mafia group who answer to the mysterious and threatening name Disney Studios. The Godfather of Disney Studios is the fatal being known as Bugs Bunny and he is rumoured to have connections with the terrorist group 'Killer Bunnies'. The pest control advises that they are to be avoided at all times and if found please notify the International Insanity Institution straight away. You should also avoid dangerous individuals like William Ames and George W. Bush.

Ancient Uses[edit]

In the Ancient times the phrase experienced common uses as many lords and rulers sought to divert blame for late wages and failing crops. Example:

  • PeasantA: "Where are our kittens you promised last year.?!
  • PeasantB: "Yeah, she turned me into a newt. Burn her. Burn her!"
  • PeasantA: "Come on, cough up"
  • Lord: "Ahhrg...Once upon a time..."

Weird people like William Shakespeare also began some of their spoofs with the ever popular phrase. The phrases popularity is rivaled only by the immortal line: "Kittens..... I need kittens"

Other languages[edit]

  • Arabic: كان يامكان،في قديم الزمان، وسالف العص والأوان
  • Greek: Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό
  • Japanese: 昔昔, 昔々, むかしむか
  • Sanskrit: पुराकाले
  • Hindi: किसी ज़माने में or बहुत पुरानी बात है
  • Tagalog: Noong unang panahon
  • French: És war eín Màl
  • Russian: Жил был
  • German: It was one time...
  • Korean: 오래 전
  • Note: If you can understand this the funny men in the white lab coats should be at your doorstep about....Now.

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