Mighty Morphin Democrat Rangers

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“Why am I always wearing a dress?”

~ George W. Bush on the show

“Thank you FOX, I now feel like killing myself in broad day light.”

~ Gar Alperovitz after his first episode of the show

“Would someone please tell me why I am always wearing a dress?”

~ George W. Bush still on the show

“AHHH HA HA... I DON"T know what is RiGht anYMore, HA HA!!”

~ Roger Ebert after his first look

“Would somebody please tell me why the HELL I AM WEARING A DRESS?”

~ George W. Bush still on the show
The original five Rangers after N'Sync was dismissed by the fathers.

Mighty Morphin Democrat Rangers is a desperate attempt by FOX to gain viewers, it was directed by a writing duo that has been very unsuccessful throughout their career. The show focuses on five (later six) Democrats who fight a mighty battle with an evil force known as the Republicans. The show has become a great legend in television history, well remembered as the show that almost destroyed America.


The show's origins can be traced back to 2008. FOX's ratings were greatly dropping after the Republicans they supported had f**ked up the nation. FOX was desperate to gain viewers or they would have to start actually paying their bills for the studio. So in a desperate attempt to regain viewers, they decided to make a historical T.V. series that focused on the Democrats, since they had been gaining much popularity in the past days, so they immediately got to work on finding a team that could make such a show entertaining and enjoyable for viewers.

Their search ended after they hired Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer to direct the show. FOX allowed the duo to have complete freedom while making the show as long as they addressed political issues and current events. Immediately after being hired, Friedberg and Seltzer went out to their usual video store and rented a large variety of videos, hoping to get some ideas on how to handle the show. After the two saw the random assortment of videos, they finally knew how they could make the show enjoyable. Production started the next day and after twenty weeks of screaming, editing and accidents on set, the show made its grand debut and on Friday June 13th, 2008. Unknown to FOX, they had planted the seeds to a near apocalypse.


The story takes place on a peaceful planet known as earth that contains a peaceful country known as America. It is a peaceful place due to the fact that it is run by a smart leader known as Bill Clinton who has never once had any impeachment sessions. Everyone is happy... until an evil force known as the Republicans arrive on earth. This group is led by Lord Cheney and his lackey Busha Repulsa; they immediately use their mystical powers to overthrow Bill Clinton and seize control of his palace known to all as the White House.

Under the command of Cheney, Busha immediately sends all the untrained soldiers in America to Iraq, claiming that they are harboring weapons of mass destruction. Although the true reason they are sent there is because Busha wants to steal Iraq's large amount of oil so that he can keep his mystical powers at maximum strength. While Busha commands the armed forces, Cheney begins preparations for a permanent stay on this no longer peaceful planet. Soon Cheney finishes his preparations and with the armed forces collecting oil to power their master, Busha and Lord Cheney then initiate their ultimate attack on the earth by granting complete power to all business corporations in America. This eventually results in a global economic recession that threatens to destroy the world.

The blame however is all put on the former leader and forces him underground. With no where to turn, Bill Clinton turns to a sacred place that only he knew about. Within in this unnamed place lies three of the Founding Fathers, the very people who created the peaceful world. These Fathers are known as George Washington, Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson (they also have Elvis acting as their own personal musician, but he only appears in one episode). The fathers then ask Clinton to find five people who should be able to stop these invaders. Clinton then brings him the members of the N'Sync (one of the directors' random reference to popular culture), but the fathers say that they want people who know martial arts and how to deal with politics.

The first person that matched this description was Clinton's own wife, and more soon followed. The fathers then grant these five warriors an ancient power from a long lost tribe known as the Democrats. He gives them each a sacred Democrat Coin that allows them to control ancient weapons known as Zords. Using this power and the coins, these five people are transformed into the Mighty Morphin Democrat Rangers and fight against Busha and Cheney's forces in hopes of ending this recession.


The main heroes of the show, course you would already know that unless you missed the hint in the title. They are a group of people who have been chosen by the Founding Fathers to fight the Republicans and banish them from America forever... otherwise everyone is screwed.

The rangers unmasked and showing their good side.

Barack Obama (Red Ranger)[edit]

The leader of the group who wields the mighty Sword of Change. Barack Obama has long since opposed Busha's rule by stating that the war in Iraq was unnecessary, healthcare must be made affordable and has even held rallies to oppose his rule.

As a result of this, Busha has sent countless soldiers to eliminate Obama from the world. Busha has even tried to run Obama out of the country by claiming he is an illegal immigrant with a forged birth certificate. The countless attacks have forced Obama to defend himself and train his body to be the ultimate fighting machine. He is now a master fighter and wears the color red to show Republicans what color their body will be once he's done with them. The Founding Fathers chose him to be the leader because he had such influential speeches. He now fights to bring great change to this country, because Busha sure as hell isn't gonna do it. He controls the President Zord.

Joe Biden (Blue Ranger)[edit]

The second in command of the group who wields a powerful Lance of Foreign Policy. Biden has opposed Busha's rule as well and has even started many elections in an attempt to get him out of the palace. However his attempts have always failed due to Busha's large amount of minions voting against him. In his efforts to bring peace to the world, he has made communication with other countries and is a master of foreign policy. He is quite good at making negotiations and his communications with Japan have allowed him to train under them to become a master warrior.

He acts as the communication expert for the team and has saved the team many times with his foreign policy, such as the time he commanded an army of japanese ninjas to take down one of Busha's strongest minions. He has also been known to lead countless squadrons of Russians into a number of Busha's bases of operations. He wears the color blue to tell Republicans that the Democrats have arrived to kick their asses. He also controls the Vice President Zord.

Hilary Clinton (Pink Ranger)[edit]

A mighty warrior who wields a deadly Bow of Rage. Hilary Clinton is an expert fighter and is the wife of Bill Clinton. Originally, Hilary wanted to be the group leader, but the Founding Fathers chose Obama because of his great speech and they felt that Hilary was too full of rage to lead the team properly. She then screamed at the top of her lungs that this was completely unfair and even attacked the Fathers. Her husband then had to tranquilize her until she calmed down.

Throughout the years she has learned to become more assertive and has thus become the mighty warrior that the team knows today, many of her victims are left with broken spines and broken necks (usually none are left alive). She does step out of line with the team once and a while, but usually gets over it by unleashing her rage on all the Republicans that get in her way. Her pink uniform shows her enemies that they are about to get whopped by a women (giving them a humiliating defeat that they will never forget). She controls the Secretary of State Zord.

Eric Holder (Black Ranger)[edit]

He wields a womping Ax of Justice. Holder has worked as a well respected judge throughout his life and has a strong sense of justice. Holder has had a long time experience dealing with criminals. A majority of the criminals he has judged have broken out of jail and have attempted to kill him while he sleeps. As a result, he has been forced to become a master fighter to protect himself from escaped convicts. He has been known to actually drag escaped convicts back to their cells after has given them the beating of their lives. He was later made a Deputy Attorney General until Busha kicked him out and ordered in a Deputy Attorney General he could actually control. Holder now fights for the team using his mighty code of justice and ass whopping fighting style. He wears a black uniform because the Fathers ran out of uniform color ideas and just based the outfit off the color of his skin (he was not very happy). He controls the Attorney General Zord.

Timothy Geithmer (Yellow Ranger)[edit]

He wields deadly Daggers of Gold (even though their really silver). Timothy was once the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and is an expert at using money in wise ways. Due to the fact that New York is a city full of crime, his Federal Reserve Bank was always coming under attack. So Timothy was forced to become an expert fighter to ward off robbers. Timothy has greatly suffered by seeing his bank deteriorate under the rule of Busha, and now he opposes him for this very reason. His yellow uniform shows all that he is fighting to save all the gold that is left in the world.

He acts as the accountant for the team and pays all the bills that need to be payed, because he's the only one with access to enough money (so he gets to see his bank deteriorate even more). He also controls the Secretary of Treasury Zord.

Robert Gates wearing his helmet since you didn't get to see it in the above picture.

Robert Gates (Green Ranger)[edit]

Originally a ranger that was created by Busha Repulsa for his own evil bidding. Unlike the other rangers, he was created from the power of the Republicans, thus he wears a green uniform that represents all the money that was thrown away to get the world into a recession. For years, Gates acted as Busha's personal agent and acted as the supreme commander for America's troops that were serving in Iraq. He faced many enemy soldiers in Iraq and as a result, has become one of the deadliest fighters on the planet. As a reward for his services in Iraq, Busha rewarded him with the powerful weapon called the Defense Dagger (which also doubles as a flute to play melody tunes... it amuses Busha). He has covered for his master by presenting him with evidence and then having his master change it before it was released to the public.

Busha eventually sent Gates out to face the Democrat Rangers in a mighty battle that tested their power, only Obama was able to last long enough to face him in a one on one battle. Obama eventually defeated Gates in combat, but sensed he was being controlled by the Republican power. Obama then used one of his famous speeches and broke the Republican hold on Gates. Gates is now infused with the power of the Democrats and now serves the team, however not everyone on the team trusts him due to the fact that he still has that green uniform. He controls the Secretary of Defense Zord.


The mighty weapon that is formed when all the Zords combine into one being. It is in the form of a giant donkey with enough power to blow Louisiana right off the face of the earth. Due to the fact that he came in late, Gate's Zord cannot combine with the other five or it would make a really ugly looking donkey. The Megazord fires powerful beams of change from its mouth and flames of inditement from its ass.


The Founding Fathers and Clinton doing their usual thing: Nothing.

The ones who who are desperately trying to save their land from the Republicans. But their too weak to do much of anything so they pull out random people to serve a Democrat Rangers and act as cheerleaders from behind them.

The Founding Fathers[edit]

The mighty ones who created America, years ago they fought in a mighty war against a mighty force known as the British Empire. They won the war, but were severely injured in the process. Making things even worse, they lived in a time before the creation of the emergency room. So in attempt to have a good death, they sacrificed their bodies and used the last of their power to create America. However, in sacrificing their bodies their spirits were bound to wonder the planet for all eternity, so they could see every problem that came to the country they died to create. Due to the fact that they are dead and just wondering spirits, they are powerless to save their dying country. Their spirits now dwell in a large container and guide the Democrat Rangers on their quest to defeat the Republicans.

Bill Clinton[edit]

The leader of America before Busha and Lord Cheney seized control. Busha has brainwashed the public into thinking that the economic recession is his doing and not the Republicans. This has forced him underground where he now works to save his dying county... and the whole planet. He was the one who found the rangers and currently works with the Founding Fathers to help them in their battle against the Republicans. He also usually winds up being the maid for the secret lair.


The Republicans are a group of villains who have seized control of the world. They are led by the mighty Lord Cheney and his partner Busha Repulsa. They have forced the world into a global economic recession and have caused much chaos. They have now come under a major threat known as the Democrat Rangers due to their rising popularity. To regain popularity, Republicans set about causing outlandish large scale catastrophies which they prophisize and scorn Democrats with, "I told you so's."

Busha Repulsa enjoying his Orb of Oil.

Busha Repusa[edit]

The one who commands the forces of evil. He is powered by the substance known as oil which he absorbs from a mystical orb that he holds. Unfortunately the orb has started to reach its limit and without his precious oil, Busha has started to deteriorate. As a result of this, he cannot think straight and his powers grow weaker from time to time. He has also gained a great and nearly uncontrollable urge for oil. In an attempt to control his urge for more oil, his first act as ruler was sending unarmed forces in Iraq to get more oil for his orb. Despite being the commander of the forces, he takes orders from his partner Lord Cheney.

He has the mystical power to create creatures known as Problems and make them grow bigger. Busha gets more and more arrogant with each failure he takes from the Rangers. But despite his arrogance, he doesn't dare face them himself because they possess the two things that he fears most: Change and Inditement.

The evil Lord Cheney starting to flick a person off before delivering a bullet to the head.

Lord Cheney[edit]

Busha's "partner" and the real leader of their forces. He is a master hunter who is very skilled at close range combat and even more skilled at range combat. He wields a mighty staff of power that transforms into a straight shooting rifle. He hides his position from the public by allowing Busha to do his evil work for him.

When he is not working on his evil plans, he is either eating cats or practicing his shooting skills on his assistant hunters. He is mighty tyrant who rules with an iron fist, no one has ever dared challenge him. His only weakness is the power of change, and as a result, he greatly fears Obama's sword.

The Central Intelligence Lying Agency[edit]

Busha's replacement advisors after he lost Gates to the Rangers. These people serve Busha loyally and monitor the world, they then collect all the information that they can find and report it to their master. All the information they report is carefully censored by Lord Cheney to keep the important stuff from getting out to the public.

Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, The President's Cabinet, and Haliburton[edit]

supporting Busha in public is the nefarious and utterly stupid President's Cabinet, who serve no use but to make Busha look smarter by comparison. Scooter Libby was Cheney's stooge and right hand man until he was exposed as an illegal Mexican immigrant by Youtube videos, he was thus replaced by Michael Jackson, who unfortunatly was unskilled in politics and latter resigned. Karl Rove is the evil advisor to Busha, and fills in for Lord Cheney when he is on vacation. Haliburton, is a world-wide oil corporation owned by Arab terrorist who help Busha and Cheney by destroying buildings with airplanes, Haliburton also gets no-bid contracts from Cheney and Busha regularily.

Loyal Republicans[edit]

People of the public who have been brainwashed into thinking that Busha is doing the right thing. They now serve as his loyal soldiers and supporters who will do anything to stop the Democrat Rangers.


FOX CEOs desperately try to escape a mad mob outside the studio.

FOX was unaware of what was going on with the show before they released it to the public. As a result, they advertised the show as a historic show focused on the Democrats, and did not learn what the directors were really making until the show aired. The advertisements greatly the show's reception, and it was met with many questionable reviews. Many critics asked "What the muck is up with this show?" President George W. Bush himself asked the producers why he was always wearing a dress in the show. Dick Cheney stated that the show was highly inaccurate, mainly due to the fact that the armor worn by his character looked nothing like the mighty battle suit he kept stowed away at the White House. Many people asked how they could support the Democrats when they were always out kicking the crap out of anyone who supported the Republicans. Overall, nobody really understood the message behind the show (if there was one to begin with).

The show did garner much controversy when it started what has come come to be known as The Great Hell Raise. Due to the fact that the show was advertised as historical show, many people believed it was just that, causing A LOT of problems for the public. Many historians who saw a single episode of the the show lost their sanity and started to burn their historic books. Many people in Bagdad started to hurl shoes at the president because they started to think he was an intergalactic invader from another world here to destroy them. A large number of history teachers started to flip out when their students started to say that the Republicans were an evil force from outer space that will enslave the earth. Many people also grew to be afraid of the Democrats because they thought that they were martial art warriors. The chaos got worse when a number of angry (and insane) protestors gathered outside of FOX studios with torches in hand. Desperate to save their studio and lives, FOX then cancelled the show right there on the dot. There were at least twenty more episodes that were set to air, but never saw the light of day due to immediate cancellation.

Despite its controversial and chaotic reception, the series soon became a cult classic.

Sample Show[edit]