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This guy won't be trying to sell you Bibles anymore.
Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Communism?
Thanks doc, it feels like you took a load off my mind!

Happy lobotomy recipient

You know what can fix that?, A full frontal lobotomy!

Dr. Walter Lobotomizer on everything

Guess I'm gonna tell um that I got no cerebellum

The Ramones recipient

Fox News, The Bible and Conservapedia will show us the way. Vote Republican. (dribble)

Lobotomy Recipient

A lobotomy is a surgical operation done to the brain to correct just about everything. The procedure was first performed in 1935 by Angus MacGyver. Lobotomies have been used to cure mental depression, schizophrenia, headaches, homicidal mania, Communism, writers block, criminal urges and politicians. Lobotomies are often credited with enabling the worry-free years of the 1950’s.

History[edit | edit source]

For thousands of years people have experimented with the brain, trying (in vain) to stop it from producing mucus and other nostril products. During some of these helpless attempts to cure congestion many of the patients were found to have lost interest about their sinuses (or anything else for that matter). During the late 1800’s doctors perfected this form of “worry removal” by sawing ones skull open and taking out miscellaneous chunks of matter from the brain, the procedure was quite messy and many doctors where squeamish from all the blood and mucus. In the early 1950’s Dr. Walter Lobotomizer perfected a new approach to lobotomies involving a ice pick, a hammer and your eye sockets, this approach revolutionised the speed of lobotomies, sometimes patients would get two in just one day. The first recipient of the "ice pick" lobotomy was one Leon Trotsky. Dr. Lobotomizer show cased his new procedure with publicity stunts such as performing four lobotomies at once (2 with each hand and 2 with each foot). Dr. Lobotomizer sought to give everyone lobotomies to better the world. Nowadays, lobotomy is often performed at the end of doctor-patient role playing of Zombies vs Plants.

Types of Lobotomies[edit | edit source]

Depending on if the ice pick is shoved in the patients eyes, nose or ears different results are achived.

  • Worriless: Recipients are left without a single worry, and simply sits there grinning wide eye in joy as they stare into the blankness of the nearest wall, often beating cats and staring at a miscellaneous objects competition. Often these people will see the finer beauty of things such as how lovely the house looks when it’s on fire.
  • Childlike: Removing the dreaded adult sections of the brain finally allows recipients to return to their inner child. Prancing around while trying to make a cat and dog fit into wedding costumes, these people are often cited by children as annoying and lacking seriousness. Many recipients will have the sudden urge to write poems on the wall with their own waste.
  • Zombie: When all else fails to correct a person's horrible personality, it becomes simple to just remove it. Recipients often talk in a mindless monotone and long winded lectures. Occasionally drooling, walking with a gate, running for president, and seeking the missing part of their minds by violently attacking other people and eating their brains. This form of lobotomy was used in Russia for over 2,000,000 years.
  • Liberal: This is the second most extreme form of lobotomies that modern science has developed today. Its so extreme that you will begin to understand the hippy movement and find that even rapists deserve a second chance. You will begin to wear clothes only made from organic cotton and or from local farmer's markets. You will also tend to bathe less and less with each passing month. You will also begin to question logic itself and want to develop an Orwellian future.
  • Jersey Shore: This is the most extreme type of lobotomy and has an extreme affect on a person's ability to control their thoughts, words and actions. This procedure removes the self-control center of the brain and leaves a patient as a raging mass of anger without the ability to make a single rational decision or logical thought or speak their native language correctly.

Alternate Techniques[edit | edit source]

Bill O'Reilly performing a nationwide lobotomy.

In 1957 Dr Hubert Von Wurstingnangnanger performed the first Rectal lobotomy, on British Consul to the Vatican, Rt. Hon. Ken Dodd. The procedures aim was to reduce or eliminate the patient’s tendency to “Talk out of his arse” But while initially successful, the results of the operation where found to be reversed upon the intake of alcohol. As a side note - Mr. Dodd, unable to keep his diplomatic position, returned to his native Liverpool, where he developed the lethal form of self defense known as Ken Do’od

Dr Wurstingnangnanger, after being beset by the failiure of the Rectal lobotomy, went on to develop the Halluxial (big toe) Lobotomy. This was done in order to limit the number of the populous who “have more brain cells in my big toe, than you have in your head” Dr touchmynips was the first to develop nude lobotomy's were by he would perform the operation in the nude. Wearing only his cap and flaunting his tool in the patients face he would often sing rythm stick and beat his hanging melons like a drum.

Downfall of Lobotomies[edit | edit source]

9 out of 10 scientologists agree that Lobotomies lost favor after evil psychiatrists created drugs that did some of the same things Lobotomies did but sadly did not have the same permalynent effect. Once big oil backed the drug companies, Lobotomies were simply out-marketed. Dr. Lobotomizer was financial ruined after producing a variety of lobotomy figurines, toys and franchise goods that no one wanted to buy, and he entered a deep depression that ended only when he lobotomized himself and then nothing really bothered him anymore....