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"World literacy" goed lowr be tween the 1970 and 2000.

Ilaetaeracism alsow knowed like I caint read is wen you wuz like "omgeee i caint read" end u rly cant. u rly rly cant. Its's not dat u waz kedding like "omgee i rly can reed end i wuz just kedding lololol". U rly rly doesn't reed when u wuz going to reed but you cannot do it.

Histery[edit | edit source]

Wen did illeracy happened? Historyists wuz like conversating and they wuz like "gee cavemens people didn't reed". WTFLOL they where raight! Rly! LMAO! 4Rly, cavemens didn't read cuz they didn't has alphabits (lol like da cereals lol). They wuz stupid neondertels and dats y Gecko Lizard insurance peoples wuz having their in the commerciels cuz they wuz so dumb lol "they can even do this!" lol. am i rite?

Stuped cavemens peoples wuz not reeding, note they're lack of educatien

Then in da midel age times, only the popes knewed how to reed; and the kings. All the peasents wuz like "wtf i half to herd these sheeps and the king people wuz like not trying to do anything but make taxes, am i rite"? lol dey WAS rite! lol nubs. LERN2PICK TURNEPS. Its they're faults 4 knot gotten an educatien and harding there nub sheeps. lol stuped serfs; traydeng there civel rites 4 "protecshen" 4rm huns and stuped goths. ROFL. There gay.

In the reneisince a lot of peoples from they're populatien wuz lerning to read everyday. Actuely, that wuz en EXEGGARETIEN LOL! They wuz lerning even as faster then that! Thets not even a jokes haha!

Fast forwerd to the Britesh Imperialesm. Ha. They wuz had so much control of native americants lol cants and Hindus people (both types of indiens) that they were the ruling class and didn't teach the other peoples how to b reading this hole time. Especially not the american ones cause they rly through their tea off a boat, so the Britesh got madder and totelly kiled them and put all of there stuped nubs in a casino. Lol. gg.

Before the Americen CIVEL WARS, Abrehems Lincon wusnt their so he cannot did nothing. So the nub Africen slabes wuz trying to reed but the white mens didnt let them cuz they would b abel to reed all the signs to go in the railrode to Caneda*. LOL! Yeh right Toby, go to ur cabin with you're uncle Tommy and b like "omgee i rly cannot read, wtf" DAWG. Sedly, the africens invanted all the musics so white people felt bad that they wusnt have any lerics so they finelly let their now how to reed since then.

Nowdays, only chinese babyies thet make all my sneekers dont kno how to reed. LOL! Get a real job u idiet.

Thats how illiteracy has develop. Stuped peasents and communests thet dont' now how to reed like peeple like I; who DOES know how 2 reed cause I wuz so smart cuz I had the chance to have a good grammar and educatien SO I DID! ROFLMAO! In ur face Homeboi! lolol

LOL[edit | edit source]

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p,

q r s t u v w x y n z

know u kneow ur abc's, next time why dont u STFU HOMEBOI! LOL! J/k

The Bible and Literesy in the Westside of Things[edit | edit source]

The Bible like illiterite peepel seed it.

The Bible playd an importent part in the develepment of literesy cause Puritens just wanted to reed it.

The mean Britesh people were been assholes as usual, and wouldent let their Puritens and Pilgrems reed their Bible. The Britesh wuz parsecuten they're beliefs cuz they wasn't believing in Jesus and the stuped Puritens wuz.

Lol the Puritans where HIPOCRITS tho, cause they wanted to reed but there hats probably said "Buckles Go on Shoos, not Hats" but they wuz so dumb and stuped they dednt even try to be readen that and they just ded watever.

The Bible and Literesy in the Dirty South of Things[edit | edit source]

Remenbur; your nevur to old too lern to reed!

Also in the Americen South, today the stuped Red-necks and Hillbillyes people only nowed how too reed the bible. LOL. Yeah right, they probly just told theyre sister/husband (same persen) too read it for them and they memorisedet. Stuped huh? You can tell this rly hapend cuz they only know the parts when Jesus seid he is gona kill all the homosexuels when he comes back. LOL! Yea rite Jesus, gheys can run rly rly fast okey?!

The Qoran[edit | edit source]

Those Arebs, you now witch ones. The ones that has the stuped turbins on they're head. Yea. They lerned for reading with their ridiculess Qoran book.

LOL! Everybodie nows that there Qoran book is rly just a fotocopie that Jesus maid in Kinkos when he was treing 2 do his stuped Physics report at the lest minute. Then Muhamad copied the hole thing caus he didn't do his homewerk.

ANYWEYS! The Dum Meslems cauldnt lern to reed cuz there stuped book isent even in English! ROFLMAYO JAR! So naow their all iliterists and caent even reed there manuel to bild a hose so they hav to leave in a box made out of sandd LOL!

LOL[edit | edit source]