HowTo:Survive the End of Western Civilization

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So you think that there will be no more wars. So you think there will be no more events like the black death or Jack the Ripper (The real one, not the Anime Girl. This is serious business!). And you think that a global purge of foolish people won't happen. Let me tell you one thing and listen: The age of peace will almost be over and you will see the end of America and all civilized western civilization. All good things should come to an end and it really will be...Soon. The following is a shocking report by the Foundation of X anti-danger center about the end of western civilization and how to survive it.

How does western civilization end?[edit | edit source]

So you are living peacefully, eating cheetos, playing League of Legends in your basement and fapping to your Anime waifus everyday in your basement and you expect to do this every day from now on because you have no choice. Well.....You were WRONG. Because you have no idea what kind of insane nutjobs are our government and all of the other governments in the world. They want nothing more than your DEATH!! If you live in Syria and Libya you will know but when you live in America or England, you won't see it even when a spear is lodged in your back. You have no idea. However, it's coming, and it's coming.

In the following guide, i am going to teach you how to survive the end of western civilization.

The signs of the end of western civilization[edit | edit source]

Strange public behavior on the rise[edit | edit source]

The most prominent signs of the end of western civilization is the increasing strange public behavior. These can be divided into two categories: Overall extreme degenerate faggotry and strange behavior by marxist liberals.

The first kind of degenerate faggotry is very easy to spot. It basically consists of Bronies, Furries, Weeaboos, Undertale and Five Nights at Freddy faggots, Homestuck Faggots and the like. You will be encountering all sorts of faggots, but they are usually bronies, furries and Weeaboos. These are the various examples of strange public behavior you will see before western civilization crumbles:

As you can see, faggotry is everywhere especially in the end of western civilization. With these type of people around, there's no wonder why the west will fall and crumble. Some say Hitler was right and they sometimes are correct, only that there are Nazi Furries or Nazi bronies. (However, it might not stop the Furher from killing them.)

In order to deal with this type, bring out a machinegun and kill as much of them as possible. I advise you team up with other people who value their sanity and kill every single one of them. That way the remaining people will be more wary of the next few signs. If you see one, kill one. And don't get converted if you want your sanity intact. They are like zombies and can bite.

The second type of strange public behavior that happens during the last days is increasingly strange liberal marxist behavior. Anyone can be involved but usually they are marxist liberals. These are again difficult to spot unless you directly confront one normally, but during some times a gate of hades will signal them to go into the surface world and engage in all sorts of shit like riots and rallying in vagina suits. And beware if you "trigger" them they will go en masse and kill you so kill them before they can.

Also, some are even men who pretend they are women and women who pretend they are men. These wild animals are known as "Trannies" and will rape you if they see you. Get ready to be kill or be killed.

In here, i advise everyone to pick out as many of those and close them in zoos and watch them chimp out. Capture a few specimens of these wild animals for experiments, some for zoos and the others just bring out a machinegun to kill them. These animals don't deserve to be treated like humans.

The following is an exhibit of these wild animals:

As for why does these 2 signs happen? Many say that it is a sign of the glorious blind idiot god, Azathoth descending along with Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep and other "Elder Gods", whose extreme presence is enough to make the world insane. In fact there are already reports that the blind idiot Azathoth is already slowly descending into our plane of existence ready to fight God and Jesus, and before he does so he makes the world insane, making God and Jesus' job harder.

Donald Trump gets overthrown[edit | edit source]

And you think that if Hillary doesn't get "elected" you will be safe from the upcoming disaster. Wrong! Hillary is actually on bed with The God Pharaoh and Bill Clinton and they team up to try to overthrow who the Americans call the "God Emperor" but is in fact a big disappointment. Together, they will unleash massive amounts of the aforementioned liberal retards onto the surface world and they will begin to rape everyone they see, throw molotov cocktails, call for a "Revolution of Destiny", occupy the streets and killing everyone who comes close, and all of the Illuminati celebrities will come into the streets and anally rape your mind along with "defenders of freedom" like CNN and Fox News, in which these "defenders of freedom" are nothing more than the god empress Hillary Clinton's puppets. There will also be increased sightings of strange alien creatures around your area so be warned. Many of them have their faces obscured, but if you remove their cover you will see they are lizard people. Of course, George Soros will be behind this because he turns dictatorships into free demoncrazies which everyone likes. With forces for freedom like this, who needs dictatorships!?

Once they began rioting it's too late because a series of tanks will enter the white house and force trump to step down, with masses of soldiers trying to deport Trump and send him into the back of the wall he built in Mexico.

Well, i am going to teach you how to survive this now. First, carry a series of guns and stock up huge amounts of water and food, and remember don't use electric water filters. Now if you see your town being filled with buses full of clowns and alien monsters, get ready and hold your gun and go to the roof. I hope your neighbours who have common sense join it too. Aim the rifle on the faggots and kill them one by one. If the whole town or city is doing it, you had done a good job. Of course this only works in gunned cities; In places like California the clowns have a bigger advantage because they don't have guns so be prepared for big things to happen.

Once Donald Trump gets overthrown, the next step will begin.

Government cuts down power grid and engages in martial law[edit | edit source]

Once Trump gets overthrown, be prepared. Hillary will then become the empress of America and ascend herself to be the same manner as God. Now she will cut down the power grid and blame it on ISIS and put the state into martial law. Then she will unleash masses of feminazi drone slaves to rape your family. to deal with this, make sure you have enough food, water, more than 1 gun and possibly a torch. And please don't go out from home because Cthulhu Drones and Feminazi Drones as well as all sorts of criminals are all over the streets and will rape you. Prepare to shoot anyone who comes into your home, especially those who want to send you to FEMA camps. (Actually the ones who get sent to FEMA camps are sacrificed to Azathoth, so there's no return.)

What's worse Cthulhu Drones can appear inside your house and abduct your children, so be prepared for rotations to guard your family from them. There's also a chance where they can appear inside any female in your family and impregnate them and burst out, so be prepared with marijuana in order to deal with them if you believe your daughter has one. One of them is your daughter having a blue colored belly and an urge to rape herself. AND YOU WONDER WHY THE GOVERNMENT CONFISCATES MARIJUANA! (You don't need to worry about drones inside your family member's body if your female family members are all above age 30 however.)

The worst is the secret army whose name should not be spoken. If somebody say this secret army's true name, they will die from a heart attack. Therefore, it is top secret. But we can give you the details. These government secret armies are completely invisible and make no sound. Once they go near you they will kill you by installing a bio-bomb inside your brain by going inside you. These are nicknamed the "Ghost Warriors" and they can pass through walls, so prepare by spreading your walls with acid or water with paint on them so they are visible. They are weak to acid too so if they know they are painted with acid they will run away.

Elder Alien Gods descending into the world[edit | edit source]

Now here is the worst case scenario: Once you had survived all of this, increased sighting of alien gods will appear, and they seemed to be bent on the intent to sacrifice children to Azathoth or Yog-Sothoth. (Others even have rumors that they will be sacrificed to Hastur, which is known as the worst due to Cthulhu actually against him.) There's no real way to deal with this since they can appear anywhere, even under the floor of your house and take your family to the blind idiot god, so just hope they won't reach your house. However....Speaking the real name of the god actually scares them, but it is a top tier secret of the Foundation of X so it is not given to regular people. Also be warned that all water and food are poisoned at this point so i hope you have enough food and water before this comes.

The aftermath[edit | edit source]

During the aftermath, some China or Russia like New World Order government will take place and your life will become those similar to a living death, but eventually Jesus will descend into the earth in the rapture so it really does not matter. It could also be Buddha or Allah depending on what religion you have. I wish you good luck surviving!