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Anti-Vandal is a program that protects certain Uncyclopedia pages from being vandalized. Pages protected by Anti-Vandal can still be vandalized, but doing so will send a message to a member of the Vandal Busters, who will kill you. Anti-Vandal was created by Microsoft because Bill Gates was tired of people vandalizing his article on the Abominable snow fonz.

The Vandal Busters[edit]

They kill people. When you vandalize an Anti-Vandal page the Vandal Busters are called to your house where they will unleash something from the page you vandalized on you (example: You vandalize a Captain Planet page and that pussy with the "Heart" ring will kill you.)

“"When there's something strange on your Uncyclopedia page: Who ya' gonna call...Vandal Busters"”
~ Oscar Wilde on Vandal Busters

Not to be confused with[edit]


“Anti-Vandal is sweet.”

“I wish England was protected by Anti-Vandal, it would be quite helpful.”

~ Winston Churchill after the Battle of Britain

“I wish I was protected by Anti-Vandal”

“Darn kids keep graffitiing my coat!”

~ Oscar Wilde again

“Bob Dole likes Anti-Vandal, but Bob Dole thinks Bill Gates should fix his spelling mistake.”

~ Bob Dole

“I/Bob Dole said no such thing, you should really not give yourself false endorsements”

“I don't remember, I was drunk, I might have said that.”

“Too many quotes”

Final Notes[edit]

Though it usually would cost $250.12 to get this product, you can now download it to your Uncyclopedia page for free by typing the following at the bottom of your page: "This page is protected by Anti-Vandal, If you vandalize this page" (something mentioned in your article kills the Vandalizer.)

As you can tell above someone has vandalized this page, a representitive from the Vandel Busters will show up at their door step any second now.

Nuvola apps important.svg
This page is protected by Anti-Vandal, so bugger off.
If you vandalize this page Michael Jackson will eat you.
And he's out for little boys like you, so be warned.