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Gamete and Falloppio, the Angry Ovaries, from the popular cartoon series of the same name, became household names during the mid 1990s, with merchandise and catch phrases making their way into popular culture.


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The Angry Ovaries....bleeding marvelous cartoon series.....

Noel Coward on Angry Ovaries

I suspect that the scriptwriters are more than familiar with my Delta of Venus

Anaïs Nin on Angry Ovaries

The Angry Ovaries was a popular animated television series, broadcast in the early 1990s on Nickelodeon. Though a small minority considered it crude and uninspired, it regularly topped the viewing figures, with fans eagerly awaiting each months newest installment.

Show Overview[edit | edit source]

The show revolved around twin brothers Gamete and Falloppio, frequently focusing on their intense sibling rivalries, but also examined how the two could never come together. Critics of the series often focused on the sometimes obvious cycles {the brothers start off friendly, become increasingly belligerent, spiteful and violent, with a return to the status quo once the bloodletting has finished) within the plot of each episode, which seemed to demonstrate a lack of depth to the characters, and reused the same plotlines again and again.

The series was cancelled in 2001, after it was "supposedly" linked to a number of high profile cases of violent abuse, and a mere four cases of murder.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

The writers of the series have stated that the Angry Ovaries were heavily influenced by the characters Tahei and Matakishi, the two goofy, buffoonish characters that serve as sidekicks to General Makabe in Akira Kurosawa's 1958 film The Hidden Fortress. They also claim that, in part, the duo represent an homage to two of the Three Stooges, though many consider this to be the sort of things that sad, tired hacks with little or no talent often say in an attempt to make themselves sound intellectual.

Gamete: The smarter and more articulate of the twins, Gamete is seen as the stabilizing influence. Often moody and sometimes melodramatic. Gamete abuses his brother constantly for sloughing off, both verbally and physically. Suffers from occasional violent mood swings.
Falloppio: The more troublesome of the pair, Falloppio is always up to no good, despite his obvious lack of intellect. Throughout the series it is often Falloppio who initiates the situations in which the brothers find themselves involved with.

Common Episode Threads[edit | edit source]

Regular "live action" section of the show, features the comedy "gurnings" of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Although a childrens cartoon series, many critics and viewers alike appreciated the shows more adult humour, often utilising a more sophisticated sense of word play jokes and cultural references, and vaguely risqué storylines. In fact, whilst generally considered a childrens television program, the Angry Ovaries enjoyed a large percentage of adolescent and adult viewers. Women over the age of age of 50 were relieved when the episodes stopped, saying that without the monthly show, they could focus on enjoying life to its fullest, though didn't explain in any detail why.

Some of the repeated themes that featured throughout the series include:

  • Gonad, the Big Hairy One: Falloppio’s superhero alter-ego became a popular running gag, with the interplay between the character donning padded clothing and a plastic sword, and the live action footage provided by comedy genius Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Uncle Glans and the Search for the Hidden Valley: Wiley Mountainman, Uncle Glans, dons his safety helmet and goes in search of The Lost Mine, and the treasure of "Lusty" Libido.
  • Eu tu Andrea Dworkin?: The brothers discover that even women's rights nutcase Andrea Dworkin allows Shaft access to her inner-sanctum in hopes of finding a mythical thing called "Joy".
  • All About Eve Ensler: Each episode contains a longwinded and often monotonous rant by Andrea Dworkin's "beautiful assistant" Eve Ensler.

Additional Characters[edit | edit source]

Gamete and Falloppio are the only characters to appear in every episode, though a number of supporting characters often recur within many episodes. These include:

  • Dr Mittelschmerz: Large bear-like character, Dr Mittelschmerz is a Freudian Psychoanalyst with issues. Hilarity ensues.
  • Electra Complex: The Doctor’s beautiful daughter and assistant
  • Urethra Franklin: Big boned Gospel and R&B singer, making frequent appearances throughout the series.
  • Uncle Glans: Voiced by Dan Haggerty, star of 70s sitcom Grizzly Adams, Uncle Glans featured heavily in the first two series, but by series three was reduced to infrequent appearances.
  • Shaft Vaginal detective and a mean motha... Watch your mouth
  • Joey Spermatoza: The wiggly neighbor and bon vivant.
  • Father Seamus O'Toole: The boys have regular visits from the Monsignor of the Church of the Holy Speculum, with hilarious results.
  • Rod Berry: Game show announcer who is always inviting things to "Come on down!"
  • Boner: A penis who can't move because he has a boner whenever he is being filmed.

Notable Quotes and Catchphrases[edit | edit source]

  • "Its that time of the month again!" - Gamete
  • "What more do you want? Blood?" - Gamete
  • "I’m going to fuckin’ kill all of you!" - Falloppio
  • "I'm comin' for you!" - Uncle Glans
  • "Y'all like a bear wit' a sore head" - Uncle Glans
  • "I love you, daddy" - Electra Complex
  • "PMS? PMS? Come here whilst I staple your nuts to the floor" - Urethra Franklin
  • "Jesus...eggs again? Can't you make anything but eggs?" - Falloppio
  • "Mind if I come again?." - Shaft
  • "How you doin'." - Joey Spermatoza

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Long In The Penis

Mission To The Big, Hot, Thingy

Stinky Vagina

Guess Who's Humping to Dinner

Fakin' It

Bieber Fever

Mighty Shit Head

Pond Cum

Pooing Time

Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy

The Day the Earth Really Got Fucked Up

Bite This

Gift Whores

Deranged Gynocologist

Boner Looks For His Toots

Fag for Night

The Santorum Hawk

Fap Happy

Home Boners

Dick Lickin' Goofs

Fag in the Mirror

Crack in the Sack

Moby Dicks

Sex Appeal

Things That Go Rape in the Night

Damn Alzheimer's

The Pussy-Damn Adventure

Fag Con Carny

Deck Shits

Line Douching

Bye Bye Ovaries

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