Alien overlords

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The Protectorate of Terra Prime
The Alien overlord authoritarian overwatch developmental task-force of Planet M-32LI
Our overlords new planet!
The "Flag" of Earth pwned
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: '"All your planet are belong to us!"'
Anthem: Music has been outlawed
CapitalThe Administration district
Largest citySector-32
Official language(s)Propaganda
GovernmentTotalitarian Terror-state
Sysop and chiefThe Administrator
Population of non human slaves0
National Hero(es)No one!
EstablishedFollowing the Enslavement of the human race
CurrencyRace 202-12E32
Ethnic groups100% humans
Major exportsHuman Resources(that's the only resource left on earth)
Hours of
"95 work hours a week "

Our alien overlords are the rulers and owners of, what was once known as, Earth. They conquered and enslaved the human race...THANK GOD!!!!! Before then we had to deal with poverty[1] , death[2],world hunger[3], insurgence companies, Government[4], Crime and other bad things.

History[edit | edit source]

Life was good on Earth before the alien invasion[5],until the alien invaded, when it becomed better[6]. The Alien overlord invasion became when our overlords decided to take an vacation on Earth[7]. This caused panic: First the traders sold all of their stock and caused the global economy to collapse, the all the sovereign nations declared war on each other to divert the media's attention, then after the genocide the Reaming Earth nations declared war on our "not-yet overlords", which defeated the entire earth's military in 3.7 hours.

Enslavement of the human race[edit | edit source]

After the conquest of earth, our overlords decided to make use of the planet and it's inhabitants. It first depleted most of the resources on earth and then enslaved the population. It made someone who any human with a mental disorder loves, Barack Hussein Obama,[8] the permanent administrator of Earth. They made a deal with the human slaves that it must make a labor quota every month or else it will vaporize 10 million people[9]

Geography[edit | edit source]

Everywhere™ is property of our overlords. And if you are considering moving, they also own everywhere else.

Government[edit | edit source]

Our overlords provide Bush with technology and the military force of: genetically modified super humans, Nuclear weapons (which are used frequently, tanks, toucher machines, etc, to spread terror and fear across the world. No one seems to like this. So super humans must toucher 500 humans per week and now everyone loves them.

The Humans[edit | edit source]

Currently the goal to the occupation of Earth is to convert the Human slaves into weird mindless drones. Their primary device for doing this is the streaming of primetime American television throughout the world, particularly reality television. All will eventually be converted into drones and sent to various planets to serve the alien overlords for the remainder of their artificially extended super human lifetime. You'll lose all of your memories,you'll have virtually no knowledge, you will only be able to live by a injection of nutrients. As soon as this happens you will be sold to other alien races. Unless Harrison Ford defeats these aliens with his fire breath.

Plans for Earth[edit | edit source]

As soon all the human slaves are converted into mindless drones the water of Earth will filtered and be put into a bottle water and be sent and sold to other alien races[10]. After this the Overlords will destroy whats left of Earth and sell it's remains as fertilizer[11].

The Overlords[edit | edit source]

The overlords rule over earth and do what ever they want with the planet. Little is known about them since Human slaves are only allowed to have a minimum amount of knowledge about them. They have conquered nearly every planet in the universe and treat all of them like crap. They usually have an administrator govern a puppet government for them before the finish the whole species.

Google is suspected to be run by exactly 4.5[12] Alien Overlords.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Well, there's no poverty in slavery
  2. Just kidding
  3. The "food" is widely consider not to qualify for food
  4. the government now is bad that it's good
  5. Not exactly good but it different
  6. For Bush at least
  7. with an armada full of anti-matter weapons, death stars, slave ships, etc
  8. Since his only interests lie in taking another vacation
  9. better work hard we haven't made our quota yet
  10. As a scam
  11. Also as a scam
  12. Yes, a half, one is just a torso.