Trying too hard to make an acronym fit a pre-chosen word

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~ n00b on hahaha

Trying Too Hard To Make an Acronym Fit a Pre-Chosen Word (or TTHTMAFPCW for short) is another way of saying that a word is a backronym. TTHTMAFPCW is an NISBIUAA, that is, Not an 'I'm Smart Because I Use Acronyms Acronym. See ISBIUA for more info.

The USA PATRIOT ACT or to give it its correct gramatical representation the USA P.A.T.RIOT ACT (United States of America Peoples Against Texans Rioting Act) is a TTHTMAFPCW. This act was brought into force to try to reduce the chance of stupid people voting idiot Texans into power.

In the case of a Texan obtaining any form of power, people would be legally allowed to riot in their own neighbourhoods. Serving the stupid right for making a decision that opposes all common sense, and human decency.

This is just one example of trying too hard to make an acronym fit a pre-chosen word. Usually ends up as an abbreviation, and not an acronym.

Examples[edit | edit source]

LASER: "Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation", but would Han Solo ever have shot anyone with his LABTSEOR?

LMAO: Lemmings Midgets And OompaLoompas [unite]

SHIT: South Harmon Institute of Technology

ROTFLMAO: Roll On The Floor Like Mao (you know you want to)

LUDACRIS: League for Understanding, Discussion and Avoidance of Cake Resistance Impairment Syndrome

RADAR: "Radio And Disco And Radio, simultaneously an acronym and a palindrome, used by a radio station in the mid 1970s to promote their all-disco format.

USA PATRIOT act: United States of America Peoples Against Texans Rioting Act

SPAM: "Stop Pooping Around Me", a phrase used in the middle ages before port-a-pottys were invented.

WHO: "World Health Organisation", originally called the "Organisation for Global Medical Treatment of People" until Roger Daltrey took over presidency in 1970.

WYSIWYG: "What You See Is What You Get", changed from the more accurate but less acronymable "What You See Is What You Might Get If You've Set Your Printer Up Correctly and Calibrated Your Monitor".


TAWT: "Trioptic-laser Assembly Watt Telometer, Need I explain why this belongs here?

TFAM: Temporal Flux Access Method

ARSE: Architectural Republic of Stunted Ewoks

DANKE: Damn Aliens, No Killing Easterners!

ICE TEA" Insane Conservationalists Eating Delicate T-Rex(s) Early in the Afternoon

IPA: Internet Pigs' Alphabet

JONCL: Jump On Neighbour's Car, Laughing

FOIE: Forget About It Everyone

FUBAR: "Functional Under Barrage of Atomic Radar

FUGG: Fat Ugly Gay Guy


  • Floating Point Unit
  • Free Polish Union
  • Failing Pentium Unit
  • Foolish Party Ummmmforgotit
  • Frothy Panther Urine
  • Flying Penis University

NWG: Ninja Whaling Group

YTMND: Yokels Take Money N' Dump-It

XFCE: eXtreme Full of Copies Environment

XEROX: Xena Eats Radioactive Omissions for breakXfast

XMMS2: XMMS May not Match UniXS (renamed XMMS May Mean Something)

ISBIUA: I'm Smart Because I Use Acronyms

DUMBASS: Dudes Urgent for More Bombs and Amassed Social Security, Incorporated

TANSTAAFT: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Tibet

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ: Absolute Bastards' Ceaseless Discrimination: Evangelical Fanatic Gay Haters In Jamaica, Killing Loving Men, Not Only Persecuting Queer Rutting Sissies, Taunting the Unclean Varmints Whilst Xenophobically Yelling "Zion!"


RINO: ReichsInstitut fuer die Neutralisierung der Opposition (English: Imperial Institute for the Neutralising of the Opposition)

QHSSYC: Queers Highland Secret Society for Young Communists

VLADS: Very Late Action-Decision Syndrome

WTFBBQ: Why The Freaking Boy Bands Question

MICHAEL JACKSON: Men In Children's Hands Are Extremely Lifeless Jack Asses Cumming on Kids Slowly Out of his Nards.

MASK: Miniture Anused Succuby King

PLANCK: Please Leave And Never Comeback, Kid.

ISSYP: International Summer School for Young Phychics

AMV: All Massive Viveshots

BTEC: Basic Time Elimination Course

YOTOR: Year of the October Revolution

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