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This is pretty fucked up right here

Jordan Tate.jpg
Michael Jordan of swimsuits, Jordan Tate.

SOUTH PARK -- The 21st season of South Park is coming to an end, with the season finale airing tomorrow. Unless you're living under a rock, you've probably noticed that this is pretty fucked up right here. South Park will not air for another several months, President Garrison has nuked Canada, and things seem pretty lame indeed for David Cronenberg, Alanis Morisette, Bryan Adams, the thrash metal band ËËËHHH???, Neil Young, Jim Carrey, Avril Lavigne, Justin Bieber‎, Leonard Cohen's grave and James Cameron. In a most desperate move, the Canadian government and military officials at the Canadian nuclear fallout shelter have appointed Casey Ryback from Under Siege the new Prime Minister of Canada, hoping he can save the country.

Giving the fact that the bomb has already landed on Canada, people are wondering what would Casey Ryback do in this situation. Well, if I was Casey Ryback, I guess the first thing I would do in ANY situation is, well, Jordan Tate.

Prime Minister of Canada, Casey Ryback.

Could Casey Ryback's orgasm be powerful enough to make him believe he is Casey Affleck? Or Ben Affleck? Would that mean that all those precious Canadians were actually safe and sound at Batman's house? Hours will tell. We also hope that we were able to contribute to the oxygen levels of South Park fans with the Jordan Tate picture, if only a little.

This is pretty fucked up right here, guy.