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Uncyclopedia is the 9th most popular Wiki-based social media platform on the internet.

It's filled with young savvy internet people who love reading about brands and other funny topics in their spare time.

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Potential enemy? Or potential valued buyer and revenue stream? It's all perspective.

In this online world obsessed with image, image is everything.

Top research has shown that what someone reads about your brand, will determine what they know about your brand.

Do you want to leave your image in the hands of the animals you are marketing to? Or, do you want your image in the deft, baby-smooth hands of Un-PR?

The choice is yours, and only yours.

How we do our magic
Our dedicated team of professional editors are at your merciless disposal.

We have a world-class team of users and administrators inside Uncyclopedia ready to shape your image, and your brand's image, to your liking.

Our insider knowledge and our close, friendly ties with the site's helpful community allow us to use promotional strategies not available to our competitors.

If your company's article(s) don't meet the site's stringent comedic standards, we'll keep on trying till we get it right.

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