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I'm looking in my little black book
To see if I was right or rongwrong
Within the confines of whoremonger logic
To even try to sing this song

I could have asked the I Ching
But that would have taken up too much time
And with the time being four-four
I didn't see there was no time to lose
If things got bad it could always turn into a blues
Like they do back home on the Delta - grunt and groan

All hail Charles Hayward! These are the lyrics to the Quiet Sun song "Rongwrong" from their 1975 album Mainstream. The song also appears on the 801 Live album by 801 with Brian Eno as the front man. The lyrics in the 801 version are different.

I'm looking in my little black book
To see if I was right or rongwrong
Between the lines on the tattered pages
My spidery writing inclines

I'm old before my time
I feel that I'm growing out of this world
But with the world at my ears
I guess it's true there's no tears, no tears
When things get bad I can always turn into a cloud
Then I'll drift back home if the wind will blow me there

The song after "Rongwrong" is "Sombre Reptiles", which originally appeared on Brian Eno's 1975 solo album Another Green World. This was his third solo album, which also includes the song "Golden Hours".