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William Burroughs, high as fuck

“He cuts and rearranges the texts.”

~ Captain Obvious on William S. Burroughs

“I don't get it, but I can say that it's sexy.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Naked Lunch

In keeping with the subject matter, this article will let Mr Burroughs write in the way he would want his life remembered. It is always important to let an author speak about the first thing that comes into their mind. Now what comes first in my mind is not important but it is usually breakfast and if I am with company, sex. Sometimes in that order, sometimes reversed. If neither are available then something you keep hidden in Gideon's Bible or perhaps something less flashy could be the answer...Oh...well don't let me hog this article. Now, Mr Burroughs it is your turn.

Short Introduction[edit]

Well as you can see Mr Burroughs is not quite ready. He has retired to the bathroom for the fix. So whilst we are waiting, can I interest you in my work? I can assure you it is very good but I am basically slumming it on this page to wait to see how my book 50 Blends of Earl Grey is going to develop. I have got all the tea and the kettle is ready....wait....I now understand Mr Burroughs is keen to take over now...He will use the third person narrative device but I can assure you this is Mr Burroughs in person...

William S Burroughs[edit]

Lunch served jellyfish lobster quadrille. Come again?

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  • Naked Lurch
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  • Naked and the Dead to Lunch
  • Lunch is for Zombies


Well there you go. Wasn't it worth waiting for? I was hooked on every word I can tell you. Wouldn't it make a great film? Now how many films about tea have you seen....oh I am sorry, I was expressing a bit of authorial conceit there. Who wants a naked lunch anyway unless it is with Lindsay Lohan? Isn't that what they have in those sushi restaurants with a naked woman(or man, depends on your preference) laid on with food on their body?? Now...tea....yes Earl Grey tea....

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