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Commander of the Order


It seems to be the Uncyclopedia zeitgeist to fill your userpage with bling and clutter it up with lots of other insanely funny crud. Two things prevent me from doing this:

1. I don't spend as much time on this site as my contemporaries and therefore know few people and only occasionally write articles. This has prevented me from winning tons of awards.

2. As I have little bling to display, I've chosen instead to be concise and hope that impresses you.

Pretty cool, huh? Behold my brevity! No? Not doing it for you? Fine then. Fuck you.

While Uncyclopedia is a communal project and no writer can honestly lay full claim to any article, I wrote most of the content in these:

Here are a few more that I loved, to which I felt moved to contribute.

Are you easily amused? I've got a blog. It's called "We are Amused" and you may find the link here: [1]. Follow my career, read some reviews, agree with my musings, leave a comment saying I am a "git", give me money... The possibilities are endless.

This user is Canadian
…and is very opinionated about snow tires, curling, & the CBC!!!

This person wrote an article which became one of the Featured Articles on Uncyclopedia. Ain't they clever?!