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“Hay We All Need Frends.”

~ User:AyumiKitada on Wire4001
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Wire4001 Myth or Legend[edit]

  • Age: Looks 20 but possibly ancient
  • Height: Wide
  • Width: Tall
  • Fart smell: Fresh Pine
  • Blood Type: 0+-
  • Language: Impediment
  • Favorite Color:Tangelo
  • Super Powers:Dating Japanese woman
  • Country of origin: Tripodia
  • Sex: Yep
  • Belief in God: sure
  • Member of an organization: American Otaku association
  • Job: Hitman
  • Indiscretions: Existance

Who the hell[edit]

The being known as wire4001 has been known in the galactic realm for Millennia and some have come to believe wire4001 has always existed. How ever as of yet that can not be confirmed nor denied. It is well known that wire4001 speaks a vast number of languages but is fluent in none of them. Wire4001’s demeanor to others ranges from the normal sarcasm to the out right intolerable beatings with yards of beef. This being is sure the end will come but just doesn’t care when.


Wire4001 is a kind and caring individual who lacks all ability to produce any legal copy’s of anything he owns.