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Cloud Strife
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  1. Church of Michael Jordan

My Favorite Quotes That I've Created[edit]

“I treat the production process of my films the same way I treat the burritos I buy from El Pollo Loco, my favorite restaurant; I add a little spice here and there, I trim some corners [because they're burnt], touch it up 'til it's perfect and I ingest the whole thing so that it becomes a part of my soul. Then, I unload a shit-bar mitzvah of diarrhea on the unsuspecting public and move onto my next meal.”

~ Robert Rodriguez

“When they choose to watch my film in the theatres, I want the audience to come out with the satisfaction of feeling like I just served them a big bowl of spicy chilli without the bloated feeling of having to take a shit that usually follows.”

~ Robert Rodriguez

“It's like Christianity, only Jesus is black and is mad good at basketball!”

~ Overzealous follower of Jordanity

“Good evening to all. I, Larry Bird, am establishing the Church of Michael Jordan and from this day forth, I shall become a devout Jordanite. (Abrupt Laughter).”

~ Larry Bird getting laughed at before a live press conference

“Yeah but Michael is Michael.”

~ Jordanite discussing his reasoning behind Michael Jordan being Christ