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For those with no comedic tastes, Wikipedia has an article about me.[1]

About me[edit]

I am one of the Secret, scrotum-kicking Hungarians that come out of nowhere in the dark. I also fart in everyone's general direction. To tell you the truth, call me a 12k, or 12 year old killer. Also, I like trees because they are tall and fruity! And yes, I like watermelon, but not as much as you think I do! Did you know Heath Ledger died? So if you want to celebrate his death, slap a fag. But if you want to mourn his death, slap a bitch instead!

This is one of my favored philosophies.

Me still[edit]

I like big...eyes and I cannot lie!!! Though other others can deny! By the way, it was the flavor chocolate! If you like any other flavor, fine with me! Whoever wants some part of the action, whatever you do, don't get chicks that have... MAN HANDS!!! Wow, I have too much fucking time on my hands, due to an unhealthy amount of fuel. Oh, and if you can keep your opinion to yourself, good! Because I can't, and if you would tap that, I'll stop by for a visit.

I'm back bitches!!!![edit]

I'm back, and welcome to my nightmare!!!

Prepare for a pleasurable rape!
Let the clown do the talking!