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Some suggested writing exercises to get you to the top of your uncyclopedia article-writing game, since we all know that's so important and will earn you tons of chicks.

  • Write an article with as few words as you can that isn't a novelty stub. Along the lines of Brown Moses or Don't vote for my dog! I did this with Rapto-velocity. A great exercise for improving the economy of your words.
  • Write a "shaggy dog" article. Fire Hydrant is the best example here. I did one with Complete list of applications of trigonometry in today's society. It's an excellent prose workout. When you try to reach one single crowning punchline, all of the prose that comes before it tends to flow more organically, even if unconciously so.
  • Pick the smallest topic that you can think of, or something that you know literally nothing about, and write an article about it without doing very minimal valuable research. I started Major urinary proteins like this. This works out the limits of your creativity and imagination.
  • Pick a subject that you genuinely love, or are fascinated with, and write all that you can about it. Too often people fall back on negativity to carry humor across, while this trains you on pulling funny situations out of positive moments and sincere appreciation. I do this all the time: Charles Mingus, The Wire, Talk Talk et al.
  • Collaborate on an article with two or more other users. When adapting or complementing other people's styles into a single whole, you gain invaluable perspective on both your own writing and the idiosyncrasies of others. See: Uh oh!, HowTo:Be Deep, and for a big time example of this, Inbox.