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Queens of the Stone Age
Biographical information


Date of foundation


Date of dissolution


Physical description

Alt-Rock, Rock


No One Knows.

Hair color

GINGER!!! you fiend!

Eye color

Ginger...... ( no that would be rediculous)

Chronological and political information

Stone age - Era Vulgaris


Interscope, MCA


“Whats The Name Of That Ginger One Again?”

~ Anyone On The Street.

“They call me Ashley, they call me Stacey! That's not my name! That's not my name! ”

~ Josh Homme on On himself

Queens Of The Stone Age are a band formed 2.7 million years ago by guitarist Josh Homme and drummer Barney Rubble. Homme was once in a band called Kyuss, which means that according to the archaeological evidence, he was once cool.

Constant Change In Band Members[edit]

The Queen of the Queens Josh Homme (a.k.a. "the ginger one") always changes the band members after every song. This is widely believed to be due to a severe case of "Axl Rose Syndrome". Anthony Kiedis is also rumored to have this. Nobody knows why he doesn't seek medical attention, not even the ginger boy himself hence their hit single, "No One Knows". Which the music video consists of 3 men riding in a broom broom car getting attacked by a moose. Scientists assume that Josh Homme ripped of pac man by putting in moose's instead of ghosts.

Work With The Deaf[edit]

Queens of the stone age were so considerate, they felt sorry for deaf people as nobody was making music for them so they made an album called "songs for the deaf". Not realizing until they published it that deaf people can not here even when the word deaf is mentioned on the CD. Deaf people everywhere grieved because they thought they were not just deaf, they were deaf of music for deaf people. (Real brainteaser that sentence ill fix that.... not.) They thought they must be the deafest people in the world. UNTIL!!!!!

Invention Of The Hearing Aid[edit]


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Then Josh had an idea. He could make his songs for the deaf album work. He would invent the hearing aid. But how did he do this you ask! It was a simple yet effective method. It was simply an ear cut off a dead persons body and put onto a deaf persons body! What an innovation. Josh proceeded to win the noble prize! But he felt sorry for dead people so created "A Song For The Dead" This also sold like shit. This is due to the fact that according to Jesus dead people do not possess money or hearing aids so they will not be able to hear the track.

Homme didn't always suck[edit]

Josh Homme was once a member of Kyuss. Yes, KYUSS. Kyuss ruled the world, and loved to see their enemies crushed and driven before them and hear the lamentations of the women. Homme then somehow had his balls removed and formed Queens of the Stone Age. The QOTSA hit single "No One Knows" was actually written by Homme in response to fan inquiries as to how he became so lame after leaving the mighty Kyuss. But he will still always be a ginger beaver face. My ginger beaver face.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH INTERSCOPE! Interscope are QOTSA's weird company thing that nobody cares about. It is not to be confused with similar comapanys such as Mcdonalds although it is rumored that Interscope feed of juices from McChicken Nuggets using it to think of new innovative ideas. Although this is a load of crap because they are chickens themselves o_0. Yes i said it they are basicly major freaky shitty little cock fucking cannibals.

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