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My Great Works[edit]

Listed in reverse chronological order.

Date Great Work Note Description
October 2012 Original sin In progress the story of the fall of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden
August 2012 GameSpot the website devoted to pleasuring games as well as reviewing them. (Note: unfunny stuff starting with the Userbase section is not mine. Unfunny stuff prior to that is mine.)
August 2012 UnNews:Parts for entire sewing machine in sandwiches on Air Canada flight UnNews August 17, 2012 the horrifying details inside!
August 2012 Simon Cowell the biography of the greatest reality television judge that ever lived
July 2012 Ovine sexual preference expanded from stub what sheep find sexy
July 2012 Sunday the rituals of masturbation, canning, and taxidermy
July 2012 Cartilage featured Aug 4, 2012! the explosive chemistry, erotic appeal, and fascinating medicine of this anatomical material are revealed

My Visual Contributions to Uncyclopedia and Mankind[edit]

Most recent first, least recent last.

Awards...So Far[edit]

While I'm sure to rack up ALL of the awards eventually, here's what I have so far:

Noob of the Moment Award Noob of the Moment July 2012

A Goat?[edit]

Ratfactor appears to be a goat by every goatly standard: hair in the right places, a sexy singing voice, eats tin cans and shoe laces, and leans over a sink to vomit out the songs of the heavenly choirs. But Ratfactor is not a goat. Nor is he, despite the name, a rat. He is a beautiful woman, an electric sports car, an intergalactic space ship with hydrogen-converting collector-wings as wide as our solar system. He enfolds you in his love and tells you that everything will be alright, that you will find that person that will make you happy and with whom you can grow old. But definitely not a goat.

Help Us[edit]

This page is very important to the Uncyclopedia. Please help us keep it up-to-date. If you see or hear Ratfactor in the wild, update this page immediately. And have a cold one on us. Also, we will pay $20 to the first person to add the word "cantaloupe" to this article.

Cantaloupe this, biatch. --Nominally Humane! 06:56 13 Jul 06:56, July 13, 2012 (UTC)
A deposit of $20.00 has wend its way to your own personal banking account. If you do not see it yet, wait a bit. Then look again. Not what you were expecting? There may have been some wire fees. And an overdraft or two. And a currency conversion. Now do you see it? Yes, that's the one. That line item there. You can buy a sandwich with that. Or a ring for your sweetie. Cantaloupe. --Ratfactor replying at an unknown date and time because he had not yet learned about signatures