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July 2010's Award goes to probably the third Jewishish Uncyclopedian User:RabbiTechno (I know, I know....sounds like some kind of conspiracy...) but for a man (I presume its a man, both Jewish and Welsh women have excessive facial hair so sometimes its difficult to know) who works so hard on the day to day runnings of Uncyclopedia to still find time to write some classic articles I have nothing but the deepest respect.

July 2008's Award goes to User:RAHB. Helpful, funny, witty, clever, stunning good looks, but this isn't all about me, RAHB has worked tirelessly to make Uncyclopedia a better place. An unsung hero.

April 2008's Award goes to User:Mordillo. If theres a n00b in need, Mordillo is there, if someone needs help with an article Mordillo is there, if you are stepping out of the shower, skin glistening with moisture, OI....get out of here!!!!

September 2007's Award goes to TKF. Over the last couple of month's TKF has excelled himself, and is a very talented writer who is currently "in the zone", and not afraid of helping others in improving articles.

August 2007's Award goes to Savethemooses. After a hiatus from VFH which allowed some upstart to overtake him (alphabetically at least) within the Hall of Shame, Savethemooses demonstrated his skill and fine whoring techniques in throwing together another two featured articles to regain his position. An inspiration to us all.....

July 2007's Award goes to Cs1987. Month after month he's managed to work harder at cleaning up the site than a lot of the Admins do. Also has great taste in music.

June 2007's Award goes to PrettiestPretty. For successfully masquerading as a "female" on the interweb. Whatever next? She also writes some great articles and creates quality images to go with them.

May 2007's Award goes to Olipro. Not only does he work damn hard, putting in some massive amount of hours, but he's always on hand, willing to be helpful.

April 2007's Award for Excellence goes to Zombiebaron. In twelve months he's managed to go from a crazy Canuck commotion on IRC to an monster on Recent Changes. That and he still finds time to create images for anyone who asks. He's come a long way....

March 2007's Award for Excellence goes to one of the quiet men of Uncyclopedia, another long time contributor, and owner of the most boring userpage on the site, Tompkins.

February 2007's Award for Excellence goes to another long time contributor to Uncyclopedia, and one of the most generous and good natured people around. Gentlemen, I give you Bradaphraser.

January 2007's Award for Excellence goes to one of the most dedicated servants of and contributors to Uncyclopedia, Todd Lyons.

Decembers 2006's Award for Excellence goes to ENeGMA a most proficient writer of great quality.

November 2006's Award for Excellence goes to Shandon, a fine writer (one of my many favourites) who should have far more featured articles to his name than he has.