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Who the bleep is User:Lovebones?

David Letterman on User:Lovebones

That's a good question, David Letterman[edit]

Who the bleep is User:Lovebones? His name is Nate. He likes Uncyclopedia and comedy movies. His favorite kind of music is punk rock. He manages to have good time while suffering from deppression. He doesn't do drugs or smoke or drink.

Fun Facts[edit]

  • Nate has been suspended over a brazillian times
  • Nate hates the government and loves to eat tacos
  • Nate is a procastinator
  • Taco Bell would be one of Nate's favorite restraunts, but Nate thinks he's fat
  • Nate hates Led Zeppelin and is proud of it.


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Yes they does.
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