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“What the hell?!?”

~ You on this page

“This page has no wiki formatting.”

~ Captain Obvious on this page

It's too bad you can't see this image, 'cause it's really fuckin' funny.

“I don't know...maybe you did something to...anger God.”

~ Mega Man on why this page exists

This page has, for no apparent reason, had its wiki formatting removed. Nobody is entirely sure why this is. You probably did something to get God, Microsoft, Steve Jobs, Chuck Norris, and/or Sophia angry at you. Well, good luck, man.

The Page Without Wiki Formatting in: The Great Wikia Takeover[edit]

Today all of the wiki formatting on all Wikia sites (including Uncyclopedia) went down for exactly five minutes. This caused pure chaos throughout the site, as users got confused as to exactly what they were seeing. Also, all of the admins were forced out of their accounts because the administrator servers also unexpectedly failed.


HAH! This is an HTML format image! GOTCHA!

Why This Happened[edit]

It is suspected that the same terrorists that caused 9/21 caused this incident. This just shows that Uncyclopedia needs to upgrade its security. Fortunately, the antivirus program that came installed with the Wikia server quickly found and nuked the culprit virus. Which is unusual.


  • 12:50 pm - Terrorists launch virus into Wikia servers
  • 12:51 pm - The virus rapidly multiplies, taking heavy CPU from the servers
  • 12:52 pm - Wikia workers go on lunch break. The virus reaches critical mass and takes down the formatting server. All other servers are unaffected.
  • 12:54 pm - The firewall on the core server prevents the viruses from completely taking down the site.
  • 12:56 pm - Workers return from lunch break to a room full of burning, smoking computers. Immediate teleportation of backup servers is requested.
  • 12:57 pm - The backup servers are teleported in. All the sites return to their normal state.

See Also[edit]

Wikia:Uncyclopedia Failure - The original thread discussing the server failure that occurred a few days before the news bulletin, for the same amount of time. This original failure was for upgrades, though.