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Jesus Fucking Christ is an attempt to convince you that Uncyclopedia needs to:

  • Remove semi-protection from virtually every mainspace page
  • Remove most of the user and IP blocks

and also...

  • Give bureaucrat and checkuser rights to all community appointed administrators
  • Give sysop rights to lots and lots of other users.
  • Patrolled edits.

I believe all of Uncyclopedia should do this.

I think that when all Uncyclopedia(s) follow my suggestions it will progressively become apparent to everyone exactly what Uncyclopedia is. Regardless if they currently happen to edit in heaven or hell.

What I'm looking for is a change in perception of how we handle Uncyclopedia. When it was created, Uncyclopedia was at its most free, and that's when it expanded the most, and was at its most creative. Over the years we have progressively locked down the wiki and made it less accessible to outsiders, in preference to what we think is funny. That's wrong, and we need to go back to what made us great.

Letting anyone edit...

Remove semi-protection from virtually every page on this wiki[edit]

Obviously I'm not suggesting unprotecting the main page or QVFD, or certain high visibility templates, and various other exceptions, but in general I want a complete change in mindset regarding why we protect pages. Especially infinate page protection. As Uncyclopedians we have been egoic in wanting to protect "our wiki" at the expense of allowing the creativity of outsiders to come into the wiki.

IMO FA articles should be semi-protected only for the time they are linked from the front page, which we can do with a admin setting. Virtually all of mainspace should not be semi-protected most of the time IMO. We are far to quick to slap infinite or 1 years worth of semi-protection onto a page. If we need to protect a page for a year I want the vandals to have to fight for it. If we protect a page they have won. Uncyclopedia is a little less free and open and creative because of them. That's what they want. I'm sure they feel proud when we slap a block onto a page because they only bothered to create 2 proxi IP's. If we must protect a page it should be for a few days... Then if needed a few weeks, then if needed a few months... then if needed 1 year. Then if actually really needs then maybe... That is not what we currently do. We should.

Do I need to argue this point? Have you looked at recent changes recently? ... OK, I will argue anyway... At the time of writing I have been back on Uncyclopedia for just over x days and I have not seen one case of "genuine" vandalism from an IP, or even one really bad IP edit. I have seen various good IP edits, but no bad ones. I have seen one idiot using various IP's but it's clearly the same guy, who is a known user to us. It's not a 'new person' ... There are people watching RC crying out for someone to do something so that they can revert it. We actually need some vandalism for Christ sake. I'm serious. Keeps the rollbackers fed, so they don't bite the noobs... All part of the cycle of Uncyclopedia.

It is a fact that the life blood of Uncylopedia is IP edits. That is where new users come from... We have to let them edit the articles they want to edit, not just the articles we want them to. We must encourage the IPs to edit. Especially now.

I'm not suggesting that we would then keep all pages open to IP edits. If we did my suggestion we may find that certain pages still need protection, if so we can protect them as needed.

Remove most of the user and IP blocks[edit]

I think it's time for an Absolution. Perhaps with a few exceptions... In the past admins have been at fault as well as users in situations of conflict and an absolution of all blocks would be a nice way of wiping the slate clean on the side of both admins and users. A clean fresh for everyone start.

The point of Uncyclopedia is to create humours parody articles. If there are more Uncyclopedians around, we can do that more. Yes, this might cause some drama on the wiki. Good. We need it. Anything to get the blood pumping in Uncyclopedia again. If some people come back to the wiki, and cause more trouble than they are worth... Ban them.

The same applies for IP and IP range blocks. They can always be re-applied if they again needed in the future.

Give bureaucrat and checkuser rights and to all community appointed administrators[edit]

In addition checkuser, and whatever else rights or powers any other user who is "higher" than sysop on this site might have. All "admins" on Uncyclopedia are equal. I have no idea why currently some of the admins have the ability to perform some functions, and perform some checks that others do not. I have no idea why the status quo is as it is. It is wrong and should change.

Give sysop rights to lots and lots of other users[edit]

On the English Uncyclopedia I think we can give sysop rights to all past winners of UN:WOTM,UN:UOTM, UN:NOTM and UN:ROTM. Probably a few others also.

Uncyclopedia is run (like most other wiki) like a traditional triangle of power / mystery religion / school. In the past that was probably the best way to do it. Today it's not. We have a huge pool of users whom we could grant sysop to and I have no idea why we don't. The structure of Uncyclopedia is not what it used to be.

It's time to give the power to the people. Literally.

If you have watched Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or The Bible you will know that pyramid based systems of control are a bad idea. Currently we have one at Uncyclopedia. Or kinda anyway. We don't need one either. The reason it's like this is because when Uncyclopedia was created there was not a huge pool of users whom they could grant sysop to, and things were so desperate that at one point they gave sysop to Mhaille. Virtually anyone that's hanging around RC these days would have been made sysop back then had they been around then. They needed to structure uncyclopedia like that back then. Now we don't now. We need to change this.

'Admin Burnout' is something to consider. For each admin, depending on where you sit on the scale between UN:JOB and User:Jesus F Christ/JOB it can be more or less stressful. Unfortunately, Uncyclopedia has seen a cycle of watching a promising new users emerge, grow up, write loads, and improve the wiki in various other ways, and then become a fantastic admins... For a few months... Then they are gone. Because they felt all the pressure, and it stopped being fun. As an admin, the more you are around the more noobs pester you because they are noobs, so the harder it becomes to have fun. Like it used to be. After a while you forget why Uncyclopedia was fun, because you have not actually read an article all the way through for months, and not actually written anything creatively for that long either. It became a UN:JOB, and not User:Jesus F Christ/Fun, so you quit. For a bit. Then the love takes you again... When you come back, months later hoping to have fun again and Uncyclopedia is (as usual) short on admins so you immediately get hounded by all the latest noobs to do all their latest noob things. Again, you don't get to write. Many admins escape into sockpuppets, but then look at the nonsense that kinda thing can cause. The net result is that actually our best users end up getting scared off the site. Which is clearly ridiculous.

I hope that by flooding the place with sysops it should reduce the effects of admin burnout as the new admin recruits feel less pressure.

Making many sysops will also dilute many of the feuds which do exist between many Uncyclopedians. In some cases those feuds are the reason why some Uncyclopedians are not editing this wiki now. I know this. If my words anger you then these words are aimed at you.

I hope that granting sysop to a large number of great Uncyclopedians may motivate some of them to return to Uncyclopedia. Something Uncyclopedia really needs right now. If they do, I hope that when they decide where Uncyclopedia is many will look for that which is "free". I think that this fact will be noticed by others, and that will make 'Uncyclopedia' stronger. Eventually.

If Wikipedia grants sysop based on ability, I have no idea why we don't do the same.

I think that a new complex bureaucracy will be required. To manage and limit the admins...

I want Uncyc to be a utopia for users and IPs with many rules which protect the IPs and users from the many admins who are limited in their powers to deal with them. Not a small group of admins saying "we don't need more admins", whilst we have so many pages semi-protected, and large range blocks in place.

Also there is now a heck of a lot of actually funny content which is hidden from users in pages which have been huffed. I know this. If my words anger you, I'm talking to you. I would very much like for lots of our best users to be able to fish back through the archives of deleted content because actually much of it will be useful for them to write with. I find it ridiculous when I look at RC knowing that there are users there who are much better writers than me who can't access the same deleted pages that a sysop can.

I choose UN:WOTM, UN:UOTM, UN:NOTM and UN:ROTM at random as it is a large group of very good users whom we could contact and possibly give sysop to.

I'm not recommending we give sysop to all winners of all future awards. I'm suggesting a one off thing. Now. VFS stands as being a very good system IMO. I have no fixed view on exactly who should be given sysop. I just know that we need to give sysop to lots of people. Which is another reason why we also need a lot more bureaucrats.

Understanding patrolled edits[edit]

Using Patrolled edits it is now possible to identify and check every change made to the wiki. Before patrolled edits it was possible for vandalism to be completely missed, especially small vandalism and really bad minor edits. An article left unprotected from IP edits would sometimes "rot" over time. I think this is much, much less likely to happen now than it did before, and so the prejudice which many may have to the idea of removing semi-protection is IMO not informed.

It is also worth noting that checking patrolled edits, like searching for any form of vandalism is much more fun if you have the abilities of a sysop. Therefore making lots more sysops is likely to increase the number of users who check patrolled edits/recent changes.

General Rambling[edit]

  • I have no idea why Uncyclopedia is currently using an automated abuse filter which is able to block users. Unless there is something I don't know it appears that we have enough admins around to handle whatever manually, and so the risk of the filter making an error is not worth it. It blocked me. Twice. Assuming that blocked users will go into IRC or ask to be unblocked is incorrect. This is something exsisting users will do. Not new users. To me it looks like the abuse filter is something which could possibly be turned off now because it's not needed currently. Perhaps 'parts' of it could be slacked a lot if it does not need to be completely turned off. Perhaps some specific filters are needed, and very risk free, but IMO we can certainly back off on what we are doing.