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“I always thought they were perverts.”

~ Micheal Jackson on Beavis and Butt-head

“Does he really have a butt on his head? I wanna try that!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Butt-head

“In Soviet Russia, Beavis Butt-heads YOU!”

~ Soviet Russia on Beavis and Butt-head

“I like doing that, or do you call it a head-butt?”

~ Zinedine Zidane on Butt-head

“I did not have sexual relations with that man”

“Hehe, uhuh, hehe, hee... He said "relations", haha, uhuh, heeee!”

~ Beavis and Butt-Head on Bill Clinton

“I did both of them!”

~ Paris Hilton on Beavis and Butt-head

Early Life[edit]

Beavis and Butt-head were born as conjoined twins, with Butt-head's head joined to Beavis's butt. After the operation, they were separated for ten years, but were reunited when East America and West Berlin became one country again.


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Believed to be a Missionary in [Ethiopia]. Butt-Head remained there for 20 years, despite only being fifteen years old. During the first few years of his mission...ary he slowly learned their language and introduced Rock music and heavy metal, Butt-head had claimed to invent the Television and the couch, This was believed by the people there, he concluded "They're stupid". A note from Butt-Head was sent to his companion Beavis: Click, click, Dirk dacka click, click, followed by a long spell of laughter. This literally translates into "Beavis, you suck, Huh huh huh" During the last few years of being in Ethiopia, the people there adopted many of Butt-Head's traits and he soon became a 'god' to them. He taught them all English as well as he spoke it, Even though Butt-Head's vocabulary barely surpassing a 5 year old. Repeatedly punctuating his speech with "Uhh..." and using the word "Suck" over and over. His followers soon cut their top lips at the age of 15 (To gain the exposed teeth look of Butt-Head), and glued metal brackets onto their teeth, as a sign of manhood, "Huh huh Manhood" is another tradition they would undergo through their customs.


The governer of New Mexico, and had a PHD. Soon after his term in office became fifty sixth president of the United States. During his 6 year term, he had gained Germany and Cuba as two new states. He also had discovered a cure for cancer and received a Nobel prize. He also appeared on the cover of People magazine as "Sexiest man in the history of the world" In his last year in office he wrote a book titled: Being a governer is hard, heh m heh heh I said "hard" It was a best seller in 2006 and reviewed by the New York Times as two thumbs up. With his vast riches he spent most of which on a Huge screen TV with two remotes. His lazyness and incessant eating of nachos resulted in a fatal heart attack at the age of 21, 5 years after his last term in office. His funeral was the largest, ever, recorded in the history of the world. Butt-Head attended the funeral and left only a few words: "I used to think you sucked and were a total wuss, I was right." followed by a spell of laughter that infected thousands of people at the funeral lasting for 3 days until Butt-Head said "This sucks" and left. Beavis's will included that Stewart (a stupid kid that lived down the street from him) would be slaughtered in the most horrible way imagineable, his request was done.

He also had an alter ego "The great Cornholio" His obsession changed the world. After consuming large amounts of caffeine, he flipped his shirt over his head and held his arms up in the air chanting "I am the great Cornholio, I need TP for my bunghole!" He wanted TP, but what he got was his own religion, Cornholitism. The first church of Cornhole was erected(Huh huh, "erected")in place of Highland High school, which was demolished to make room for the church. It's followers were in the thousands the first day, the next, millions. This new found religion was the fastest growing religion in the world. It was similar to Christianity but in place of Heaven, there was a great place where no man would be without TP.