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“ If this man is republican he is alright. Oh shit he is liberal. Fuck him and fuck everything he stands for! ”

~ George Bush on CrappyUncyclopedian1111


CrappyUncyclopedian1111 is a shitty excuse of a human being born on June 8, 1999. For him, important events such as Y2K and 9/11 are not in any way, shape, or form a part of his memory, and he lived through The Great Recession as a child. Unlike many families his father did not lose his job, but his family did lose tens of thousands of dollars due to the Housing Bubble and the subsequent decline in house prices. Like some people in the United States, he is autistic and this has had profound effects on his life. Such effects include daydreaming half the day away, not focusing on schoolwork when he needed to, and a total lack of any sense of humor, and a serious lack of social etiquette and social skills, in addition to jokes wooshing over his head sometimes. Despite such disabilites he did manage to graduate high school, and is currently in college with a hopeful but uncertain future.

Career on Uncyclopedia[edit]

CrappyUncyclopedian went onto this website years ago, intrigued by its many funny but also shitty articles that parody and are satirical. He created a shitty userpage, which got deleted along with the website a year or so back, and then reinstalled. He reworked several articles into masterpieces, nominated a few remarkable articles to be featured, and marked a few shitty articles for destruction. However due to a lost of interest and the apparent destruction of Uncyclopedia, he quit. However in 2019, after seeing a vision of Oscar Wild telling him Uncyclopedia is back, he came back from the dead, vowing to make Uncyclopedia great again. Some of his works include:

  • WEED Depot: Hope you never read the article. It was a shitty article that Crappy started but never finished. Those who looked upon the unholy nature of the article found a 58% increase in likelihood of getting AIDS and
  • Diabeetus at the same time. The only cure was to consult a Catholic Priest, and even that was not 100 percent guaranteed to cure the condition brought upon by the aricle.
  • Julius Caesar: The article had great jokes and potential in it, but suffered from abusing the joke of substuting Vs for every U. After rewriting it to not make it like that, it turned out to be a great article, and worthy of being featured on the front page. However that was on the previous Uncyclopedia. After the merge and return, he once again substituted the Vs for Us, but due to the Admins insisting that it was a part of the joke, his changes were reverted, much to his chagrin as he had spent over an hour on the article.
  • James T. Kirk: Like the article above, it suffered from using far too many commas to make fun of William Shatner's way of speaking, but became overused and made the article unreadable. After reverting such terrible decisions, the article turned out well. However, that was on the previous Uncyclopedia


The stupid profile pic of CrappyUncyclopedian. Notice the complete lack of drawing skills. In addition, he literally just looked up shitpost on google and found this because it fits him so well.

CrappyUncyclopedian is an avid PC gamer, and plays several shitty games. These include Grand Theft Auto V, Hearts of Iron IV, and Team Fortress 2. However due to being a shitty person in both life and video games his skill level is very low. The only class in Team Fortress 2 that Crappy Uncyclopedian plays with any level of proficiency is the Medic, and that class is not that hard to master. He also used to play chess, and in addition was once upon a time in the high school band, albeit he was nowhere near the best player.