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Sir Bannedfromwikipedia DBE (see below), is a former Dildo Quality Control Expert turned Uncyclopedia writer. After a year in a Coma, or something like that, they are believed to be active on the platform again.


Bannedfromwikipedia illegally immigrated to in 2017 from the sister Wikia project after getting banned.


List of Works[edit]

Bannedfromwikipedia has written several a pitiful four articles on Uncyclopedia. All are of similar quality to a Pontiac Aztek or Yugo GV. You are invited to read them, and then throw fruit at your computer screen in disgust.

Writing Style[edit]

Bannedfromwikipedia's favorite humor styles include:

  • Beating a dead joke over and over
  • Name-Calling
  • Insulting the reader
  • Confusing the reader
  • Poop Jokes
  • Masturbation Jokes
  • Overuse of Bold, Italics, Underline, and especially strikethrough, because he can, dumbass!
  • Knock-Knock Jokes

Wait a moment...[edit]

"Knock Knock jokes? Are you kidding me? The others are bad enough, but what are we, five? Fuck this, I'm gonna go fucking kill ban this fool from Uncyclopedia forever before he can vandalize any more articles, that bastard!" — Most People, Especially Mods

Moving on...

Awards and Honors[edit]

The admittedly not-very-prestigious DBE.

Bannedfromwikipedia has won several rather mundane awards, if we're being honest, but is not humble in the slightest and wears them with pride. His first accolade came last year, when his article was featured after a lapse in moderator judgement. More recently, he was given the newly-created Disorder of the British Empire, for "significant contributions to the downfall and eventual collapse of modern society."


The true identity of Bannedfromwikipedia is unkown, but rumors suggest a 4-foot-six Asian man with tiny hands and extreme Microcephaly.

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