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Their logo and slogan, that occasionally changes

The Posting Units, or TPU for short, are forum-eating droids from the internet.

Nevertheless, they are not evil beings, but rather a force of nature whose feedings are necessary for survival. It is known that The Posting Units play a necessary role in the continuum of the Internet, bringing balance between the two opposing universal forces of Goths and non-Goths; which are essentially the Yin and Yang of the Internet.

It has been said the internet would fail, collapsing under its own weight without The Posting Units presence to balance it. Presumably this process would not be instantaneous but happen gradually over time, with the internet being sent into a sort of death spiral before its intended time. It has been suggested by some that their purpose in the universe is to devour forums that have reached an evolutionary peak, although alternative information suggests that they will create a whole new internet at the end of this one, one which will be indescribably greater than the total of the forums they have taken unto themselves.

It has been suggested many times that TPU are in actual fact sentient beings, this is not necessarily the case. Even so rumours still persist that they have human prescence controlling them. Even if this were true (most probably not) these so-called humans have removed themselves so completely from emotion that they are esssentially robotic. Either way you take it the debate still rages on.

Website / Homepage[edit | edit source]

Upon browsing to the TPU homepage, the following image is displayed (see right).

The testing entrance that perhaps may leed to your demise

This appears initially to be a pointless image but upon closer inspection it is clear that it is some kind of security system or test. This is further confirmed by the 'ARE YOU WORTHY' slogan at the title. Inspection of the source reveals relatively little, no secret comments or anything similar.

Each bar of the barcode represents a different link and only one of which leads to an area wherby the posting units come together to discuss future targets and ongoing devouration. (This bar rotates frequently and sometimes is not present).

Other links on the barcode include shock sites , internet troll homepages such as the GNAA. Some link to questionable images, others to actual browser-bomb pages.

It should be clear that TPU seek to dissociate themselves from what they describe as the 'lesser being' that is the internet troll, however they do tend to support troll groups and communities.

Potential membership[edit | edit source]

Membership is restricted to those that can decode and compute the following instructions:

010001100110111101110010011011010110000 101110100001000000110000100100000011100 000110000101110010011101000110100101110 100011010010110111101101110001000000110 111101101110001000000111100101101111011 101010111001000100000010010000100010001 000100001000000010100001100011011001010 111001001100101011000100110010101101100 011011000111010101101101001010010010000 001101001011011100111010001101111001000 000111010001101000011001010010000000110 001001100110011001100110111001000000110 011001101001011011000110010101110011011 110010111001101110100011001010110110100 101110001000000101001101101000011101010 111010001100100011011110111011101101110 001000000111100101101111011101010111001 000100000011011010110000101101001011011 100010000001000011010100000101010100100 000011000110111100101100011011011000110 010101110011001011100010000001010010010 000010100110100100000011100110110111101 101101011001010010000001110011011101010 110001001110010011011110111010101110100 011010010110111001100101011100110010000 001100100011011110111011101101110001000 000111100101101111011101010111001000100 000011010100110000101110000011100110110 010101111001011001010010000001100001011 011100110010000100000011101000110100001 100101011011100010000001101110011000010 111011001101001011001110110000101110100 011001010010000001110100011011110010000 001101000011101000111010001110000001110 100010111100101111011101000110100001100 101011100000110111101110011011101000110 100101101110011001110111010101101110011 010010111010001110011001011100110001101 101111011011010010000001100110011010010 110111001100100001000000110111101110101 011100100010000001100011011011110110110 101101101011101010110111001101001011101 000111100100100000011000010110111001100 100001000000110101001101111011010010110 1110

Yes that is binary.

Current TPU activity[edit | edit source]

The TPU has been active for sometime and many forums have been 'graced' with their prescence. Most recently the UK Forum for 'Evanescence' (band) was 'devoured' but is now back online. With each attack becoming more sophistacated I can see many more attacks culminating in to the far future. Recently Karl's PC Help Forums were attacked ( see below for more details.

Update[edit | edit source]

A few notable citations have been found in many newspaper articles.

The Posting Units lost their forum/website in June 2006. They enraged a few people, who complained to the hosts of their site, about images in the gallery. What's wrong with amputee pr0n?

Posting Units 1,156 & 20 occasionally make the odd foray into humourless parts of the web. Recently they owned the fuck out of (

External links[edit | edit source]

  • TPU Homepage (warning some offensive content and possibly undesirable scripts)