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CohoSalmon.png This user is a fish,
or at least thinks so.
This user is a girl, and is made of sugar, and spice, and everything nice.
Meat This user is mostly or entirely made of meat

Numbersix.gif This user is not a number,
they are a free person!
Eeek! This user steals userboxes from random people's user pages. Eeek!
Ceci n'est pas un Belge
...because Uncyclopedia
frowns upon cursing.
(List of other pas Belge Uncyclopedians)
Firefox Logo.png This user believes the Mozilla Firefox could easily defeat Godzilla. Firefox Logo.png
Inci.gif This user is stupid and gay an ambassador of the Spanish Inciclopedia here, in Anglo-Saxon lands.
? This user prefers to be anonymous. That is, numbskull, they don't want you to know who they are. ?
UBX This user opposes other users screwing with their userboxes. UBX
bu-0 This user does not speak Bullet and may result in injury if does so. bu-0
For those obsessed with so-called-experts, Atenea26 also has a profile on the English Wikipedia.
Noeuroipods.PNG This user does not own a euroipod. Noeuroipods.PNG
ow-2 This user has all of Oscar Wilde's books under his bed and really wants to read them.
van-0 This user does not tolerate people speaking Vandalic neither speaks Vandalic. van-0
  This user is not a clearly-defined native speaker of any commonly-spoken language.