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This page is considered an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow, unless they don't want to, in which case they are free to ignore it, in which case nobody will care. Please make use of the standing on one knee position to propose to this policy.

Your username is the name wot you edit under. Some people use their own names, but we prefer it if your username is as offensive as possible. Wiki kudos is awarded for the following:

  1. Deliberately confusing usernames. Imitate a sysop by replacing an l in their name with a 1 and vandalise!!! (find the sysops here!)
  2. Inflammatory usernames, in particular those that refer to:
    • Names which are recognised as racial/ethnic/national/religious slurs
    • Names which refer to symbols of racial/ethnic/national/religious hatred, including historical figures who are widely associated with such.
    • Names which refer to sexual acts or genitalia
    • Names which refer to violent real world actions
    • Names which are scatological or pornographic
    • Misspellings, or spellings of the above with "cr34+1v3 sub5717u710nz"

You do not get wiki kudos however, if your username is something stupid like, let's say, <insert name here>.