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The following is a listing of Infobox templates

template effect / example of displayed output comments
(Talk page)
(used on)
Generic infobox.
Incumbent series
(Talk page)
(used on)
previous one this one next one
Succession incumbent
(Talk page)
(used on)
Incumbent series prev/current/next For use within successionbox
Infobox actor
(Talk page)
(used on)
Date of birth: {{{birthdate}}}
Use for actors
Infobox American Political Party
(Talk page)
(used on)
Foundation {{{foundation}}}
Political ideology {{{ideology}}}
Color(s) {{{colours}}}
Band Infobox
(Talk page)
(used on)
Biographical information
Physical description
Chronological and political information
Infobox for rock n' roll bands.
Infobox Band
(Talk page)
(used on)
Origins {{{city_of_origin}}}
Year(s) active {{{years_active}}}
Genre(s) {{{genre}}}
Label(s) {{{label}}}
Members {{{members}}}
An alternate Infobox for rock n' roll bands.
Infobox Country
(Talk page)
(used on)
|native_name = (mandatory)

|conventional_long_name = (mandatory)
|common_name = (mandatory)
|image_flag = (mandatory image)
|image_coat = (mandatory image)
|national_motto = (mandatory)
|national_anthem = (mandatory)
|capital = (mandatory)
|previous_capital = (optional)
|largest_city = (mandatory)
|official_languages = (mandatory)
|government_type = (mandatory)
|leader_titles (used with leader_names) = (optional)
|leader_title1 (used with leader_name1) = (optional)
|leader_title2 (used with leader_name2) = (optional)
|leader_title3 (used with leader_name3) = (optional)
|leader_title4 (used with leader_name4) = (optional)
|favourite_object_title (used with favourite_object_name) = (wildcard)
|favourite_object_title1 (used with favourite_object_name1) = (wildcard)
|favourite_object_title2 (used with favourite_object_name2) = (wildcard)
|favourite_object_title3 (used with favourite_object_name3) = (wildcard)
|favourite_object_title4 (used with favourite_object_name4) = (wildcard)
|national_heros = (mandatory)
|Independence OR Formation = (mandatory - choose one)
|Currency = (mandaory)
|Religion = (mandatory)
|population = (optional)
|area = (optional)
|population_density = (optional)
|ethnic_groups = (optional)
|major_exports = (optional)
|major_imports = (optional)
|wildcard_title (used with wildcard_name) =(wildcard)
|wildcard_title1 (used with wildcard_name1) = (wildcard)
|wildcard_title2 (used with wildcard_name2) = (wildcard)
|wildcard_title3 (used with wildcard_name3) = (wildcard)
|national_animal = (optional)
|favourite_pastime = (optional)
|Opening_Hours =(optional)
|internet_tld =(optional)
|calling_code = (optional)

Infobox City
(Talk page)
(used on)
Mayor Oscar Wilde
Re-Established 1066
all fields optional
city_name = name
|image = [[Image:skyline/whatever|size|caption]]
|image2 = [[Image:mascot/etc.|size|caption]]
|motto = motto
|nickname = nickname
|languages = languages
|mayor = mayor
|established = 1066
|established2 = 1933
|established3 = 2049
|currency = antique stamps
|opening_hours = some lame joke
|anthem = "Beth"
See San Francisco for an example
Infobox Movie
(Talk page)
(used on)
Debbie does Dishes
Directed by {{{director}}}
Written by {{{writer}}}
Starring {{{starring}}}
Produced by {{{producer}}}
Distributed by {{{distributor}}}
Release date {{{release_date}}}
Runtime {{{runtime}}}
Language {{{movie_language}}}
Budget {{{budget}}}
Infobox musical artist
(Talk page)
(used on)
Infobox musical artist/color selector
(Talk page)
(used on)
Infobox NFL player
(Talk page)
(used on)
Infobox University
(Talk page)
(used on)
University Of Crap
Motto Persistance in the deletion of crap
Established 1990
linking is not done automatically
name = name
image = [[Image:logo/seal/etc|size|caption]]
motto = motto/slogan/etc.
established = year
type = Public/Private/whatever
head = president
city = city
state = state
country = country
undergrad = #
postgrad = #
postgrad_label = label
faculty = #
campus = type
mascot = mascot
See MIT for an example
Succession box
(Talk page)
(used on)
See Grover Cleveland for an example of using this template.
Surround with Template:Start box and Template:End box. You can have multiple succession boxes between these two.
Infobox President
(Talk page)
(used on)
See Grover Cleveland for an example of using this template.
For alive, dead or american presidents only.
(Talk page)
(used on)
HI {{{4}}}
Custom user plaques, Took from a certain site
Infobox President
(Talk page)
(used on)
John Kerry
No image
Personal info
Nationality UN protected rat/human hybrid
Date of birth One lonely night...
Place of birth Ya mums vag
Date of death n/a
Place of death n/a
First Lady Helen of Troy
Political career
Vice President n/a
Prime Minister n/a
Term of office n/an/a
Preceded by n/a
Succeeded by Myley Cyrus
Political party Beer Party
(Talk page)
(used on)
Conflict: {{{conflict}}}
Date: {{{date}}}
Place: {{{place}}}
Outcome: {{{result}}}
{{{combatant1}}} {{{combatant2}}}
{{{commander1}}} {{{commander2}}}
{{{strength1}}} {{{strength2}}}
{{{casualties1}}} {{{casualties2}}}
|battle name= name of battle

|caption= image caption
|conflict= name of conflict
|date= date
|place= place
|result= result
|combatant1= country/group/etc.
|combatant2= country/group/etc.
|commander1= person/thing
|commander2= person/thing
|strength1= # of soldiers
|strength2= # of soldiers
|casualties1= # of casualties
|casualties2= # of casualties
See Invasion of Uncyclopedia for an example.

(Talk page)
(used on)
(Talk page)
(used on)
element table entry
(Talk page)
(used on)
Geisenheim Files
Height: {{{height}}}
Occupation: {{{occupation}}}
Catchphrase: {{{catchphrase}}}
Geisenheim Factor: {{{geisenheim_factor}}}
Hitlerism Percentage: {{{hitlerism_percentage}}}
Favorite Dish: {{{favorite_dish}}}
Hobbies: {{{hobbies}}}
(Talk page)
(used on)


Publisher {{{publisher}}}
First appearance {{{debut}}}
Created by {{{creators}}}
Real name {{{real_name}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Affiliations {{{alliances}}}
Previous affiliations {{{previous_alliances}}}
Notable aliases {{{aliases}}}
Notable relatives {{{relatives}}}
Notable powers {{{powers}}}
(Talk page)
(used on)
(Talk page)
(used on)

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