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Vital Link Templates [57]
 {{abbr}}  (links)  - {{Tooltip}}

Your text here

 {{al}}  (links)  - Anchor Link Handler


 {{Anchor}}  (links)
 {{Cat}}  (links)  - Category Link Handler


 {{ch}}  (links)  - Colored hyperlink

[ ]

 {{CL}}  (links)  - {{colored link}}


 {{Contr}}  (links)  - Contributions Link


 {{Coords}}  (links)  - Coordinates

{{{1}}}°{{{2}}}'{{{3}}}" {{{4}}}°{{{5}}}'{{{6}}}"

 {{csl}}  (links)  - {{Content search link}}


 {{Deadlink}}  (links)  - {{Dead link}}

[Deadlink.pngdeceased link]

 {{Delink}}  (links)  - {{nolink}}
 {{diff}}  (links)  - link to history revision between pages


 {{DL}}  (links)  - Discord Link

 {{Ed}}  (links)  - Small Edit Link for any page

[{{fullurl:%7B%7B%7B1%7D%7D%7D|action=edit}} (edit)]

 {{Edit}}  (links)  - Plain Edit Link for current page


 {{Here}}  (links)

here »

 {{Hid}}  (links)  - Hidden link {{Hiddenlink}}


 {{Hl}}  (links)  - Hyperlink template {{Hyperlink}}

[{{{1}}} ]

 {{HL}}  (links)  - Fake Hyperlink (internal)


 {{il}}  (links)  - {{IL}} - Image link

Voltron in the sun

 {{L}}  (links)  - Removes pre-colon identifiers and anchors
 {{la}}  (links)  - Page Maintenance List utility
 Category:Link templates ( edit | history | links | protect )
 {{lb}}  (links)  - Link Brackets (no link)


 {{Link}}  (links)  - Creates a full url link to bypass DPL, etc.

 {{Magnify}}  (links)  - Link with magnifying glass


 {{Mail}}  (links)  - User email link

Nuvola apps email.svg [[ Special:EmailUser/<insert name here> | mail <insert name here> ]]

 {{No selflink}}  (links)  - No bold selflink


 {{oldid}}  (links)  - link to history version of page


 {{P}}  (links)  - Plain Link (external) {{pl}}


 {{plink}}  (links)  - separate link title option


 {{Portal}}  (links)  - Link to Everything category
Everything Portal Portal to Everything
 {{Portals}}  (links)  - Portal Link
If you like Link templates, you'll love the [[Portal:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}} Portal]] it smells exactly like the original.
 {{QL}}  (links)  - Query Link


 {{Randompage}}  (links)  - Link to a Random Page

Babel talk

 {{Ref}}  (links)  - Fake Reference Link


 {{rl}}  (links)  - Mock Red Link with query

 {{RL}}  (links)  - Red Link parser


 {{RRL}}  (links)  - Really Random Link

Random Link

 {{SA}}  (links)  - See Also Link parser


 {{Sandbox link}}  (links)  - Just a link to the official sandbox

the sandbox

 {{Search}}  (links) (talk)  - Search links

(un f wm gun | g img gwp wp yt)

 {{Shortcut}}  (links) (talk)
 {{sl}}  (links)  - Subpage Link Handler


 {{Softredirect}}  (links)  - Link with redirect arrow


 {{spl}}  (links)  - colors the {{subpagelink}}
 {{Ta}}  (links)  - User talk page link


 {{Tl}}  (links) (talk)  - Template Link Handler


 {{Tls}}  (links)  - Template Link with substitution


 {{Tlu}}  (links)  - Template Link without the template prefix


 {{toc}}  (links)  - {{Back to contents}}
 {{TwitterLink}}  (links)

 {{U}}  (links) (talk)  - User Link Handler


 {{Unv/F}}  (links)  - Link to UnVoyage


 {{USERLINK}}  (links)  - USERNAME Link

<insert name here>

 {{VL}}  (links)


 {{W}}  (links) (talk)  - Wikipedia Link Handler

Link templates

 {{Wikipediaurl}}  (links)

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