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Authors & Celebrities [15]
{{User 42}}
{{Jack Black Fucking Awesome}}
{{User Leon Fan}}
{{Maddox fan}}
{{User Napoleon interested}}
{{User Nietzsche Fan}}
{{User ow-1}}
{{User ow-2}}
{{User ow-3}}
{{User ow-4}}
{{Wild Wilde}}
Entertainment & Culture [14]
{{User anime-3}}
{{User Batman}}
{{Family Guy}}
{{User manga-3}}
{{User NASCAR fan}}
{{User Neopet}}
{{User Over9000}}
{{User sonic}}
Television & Film References [16]
{{User bird law}}
{{User Drift}}
{{User Homer}}
{{User House}}
{{User HouseMDfan}}
{{User LostLooser}}
{{Matrix Believer}}
{{User sesame}}
{{User The Stig}}
{{User swordmaster}}
{{User UD}}
{{Wheel Of Fortune}}
Animals & Pets [18]
{{Cat owner}}
{{Dog owner}}
{{User Dolphin}}
{{User Fishfish}}
{{User Hummingbird}}
{{User likes goats}}
{{User meow}}
{{Owned by cat}}
{{Pet goldfish}}
{{User woof}}

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