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A symbolic block (often abbreviated as symblock) is a measure used by JJPMaster when she is too lazy to contact an admin to have someone blocked. This technique consists of her modifying the user's common.js file to prevent them from accessing the website, using code similar to that shown below:

alert("You have been symbolically blocked. Love, JJPMaster");
document.location.href = 'about:blank';

This displays a message, blanks the page in case the user is on mobile, and closes the tab.

Uses[edit source]

Only two people, ARandomPage and Banzaikitten, have been symbolically blocked, both due to their role in the October 2022 Main Page deletion incident.[note 1]

Application[edit source]

Owing to the limits imposed on third-party editors, this measure only works if done by an admin or an interface admin. Owing to the fact that admins have normal blocks, and JJPMaster is the only interface admin of Uncyclopedia, a symbolic block is only useful for her.

Reviews[edit source]

Positive[edit source]

ARandomPage[edit source]

this symbolic block is better than the real deal

with it, you cant do ANYTHING

because it closes the page

[a symbolic block] displays a message

then closes the tab entirely

it's a better block than the real thing

Negative[edit source]

Microsoft for POTUS[edit source]

[the problem is] that symblock is stupid

Neutral[edit source]

Alula[edit source]

Needs more symbols.

Trivia[edit source]

  • ARandomPage used a version of the symbolic block that doesn't actually block people on themself. Page calls this glorified alert the "symbolic brick".

Notes[edit source]

  1. Not counting every time JJPMastest was symblocked for the purpose of testing the feature.