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This is what I waste my time doing
“In Russia, you don't kill Putin. Putin kill you.”

An incredibly intelligent statement from your's truly on Discord

Hi, I am just here.

I have some coding experience and can help you with basic HTML, CSS, and JS, along with porting scripts from Wikipedia to here.

I'm okay at reverting vandalism. Feel free to tell me if you need help.

If I warned you and you feel I'm incorrect, you're welcome to tell me. I'm not in charge and I'm not above the rules, this is just a community and comedy project, so feel free to have a productive discussion.

Please do not email me about anything. I rarely check email.

I support Willy on Wheels and his amazing Wikipedia contributions!

Don't forget, the earth was created 4004 BC and fossil evidence is a test of faith! Don't let school pervert you, little children! ;)
  This user spells most words correctly, but mispells a few.