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“This article should tell you the instructions on how to redirect pages in Uncyclopedia.”

~ Captain obvious to the rescue

“Search up "How to redirect a page", it has a guide much better than this one!”

~ Uncyclopedia help forum

“No! Search up "HowTo:Redirect pages" and it has better quality than that shit!”

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For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Uncyclopedia:Redirecting pages.

Alright, first off, this article is about how to redirect pages to another one. This means, when you search for something that is redirected, your search will be redirected to the page redirected to from the original search. This may sound confusing, but... just read it again if you don't get it.

Step 1[edit]

Alright. First, find your page you want another page to redirect to. Make sure the page you want to redirect is not created yet. Remember the title of the page you want to be redirected to.

Step 2[edit]

Search for the title of the page you want to redirect. Again, make sure it is not created yet.


Page of redirect: NOT CREATED YET


Now, click the red hyperlink that says the title of the page of redirecting. This means the title you search for that is going to change to the page you chose to redirect to when redirected.

Step 3[edit]

Put this text in the editing page (do not click the link...):

                        #REDIRECT:[[page redirected to]]

The "page redirected to", change it to the page name that you want to be redirected to.

Step 4[edit]

Click "save" and see what happens. If it ends up in the page you wanted it to be redirected to, and under the title of the page has "redirected from" in it, WELL DONE. If not, good luck on doing this all over again. But if it ends up in to an arrow pointing to hyperlink: "redirect page: whatever you want to be redirected to" then, click it. If the hyperlink is red, then, you have problems following these simple instructions. If it is blue, good job.

Step 5 (optional)[edit]

Double check. Search for the page that is redirected, and see if it leads you to the redirected page.


The purpose of redirecting a page is so that people can search for simple articles with complex/different article titles. For example, search for "How to redirect a page". You will definitely come back here, because this article on how to redirect pages is redirected to if another search is similar.

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