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Uncyclopedia cannot transcend space and time for free; donations are required to ensure future generations experience the beauty of Sophia. The table below, known as the financial log, contains partially redacted information about the transfer of money in and out of The Uncyclomedia Foundation's official PayPal account, the organization under which Uncyclopedia is hosted. Unless otherwise specified, the Payer field will remain blank (see the Privacy section for details).

All amounts on this page are in United States dollars.

The Foundation hosts several projects in addition to the English Uncyclopedia, such as the Hebrew and Spanish projects, the original Wikia Uncyclopedia, and Illogicopedia. Donations to this account are used to pay for the hosting of all of these sites.

Funding for 2019: 31.9% complete

The Uncyclomedia Foundation

Date Payee Payer Amount Balance Comments
2019-01-30 Account created (original account disabled)
2019-01-30 Uncyclomedia Aimsplode $5.00 $5.00 Test donation
2019-01-14 Aimsplode Uncyclomedia $5.00 $0.00 Test withdrawal
2019-01-30 Uncyclomedia Aimsplode $1.00 $1.00 Test donation after config changes
2019-03-12 Uncyclomedia EMC $66.66 $65.43 Transfer from old Uncyclopedia Store
2019-04-02 Lyrithya Uncyclomedia $65.43 $0.00 Hosting
2019-04-07 Uncyclomedia Marquii $60.00 $57.06 Thank you :)
2019-04-07 Lyrithya Uncyclomedia $57.06 $0.00 Hosting
2019-04-09 Uncyclomedia $1.00 $0.66 Thank you :)
2019-04-15 Uncyclomedia $35.00 $33.82 Thank you :)
2019-04-16 Uncyclomedia Lost Labyrinth $10.00 $43.08 Thank you :)
2019-04-16 Lyrithya Uncyclomedia $43.08 $0.00 Hosting
2019-04-25 Uncyclomedia $65.00 $61.84 Thank you :)
2019-07-02 Lyrithya Uncyclomedia $61.84 $0.00 Hosting
2019-07-10 Uncyclomedia Burcami $1.00 $0.66 Thank you! :)
2019-08-01 Uncyclomedia $5.00 $5.21 Thank you! :)


When an individual donates to Uncyclopedia, we receive four pieces of information: the name of the payer, the email address associated with their PayPal account, the amount they donated, and any text they entered into the memo field of their donation. Uncyclopedia will never use this information in any way other than to:

  1. Contact you regarding your donation (if necessary, and only via email),
  2. List your username and amount donated in our financial log (seen above), and
  3. Add your username, if applicable, to the Board of UnTrustees.

To be added to the Board of UnTrustees, you must include your exact username in the memo field of your donation. If you are not from the English Uncyclopedia, you should also include which of our hosted sites you are from. Donators without an account on one of these sites cannot be added to the Board.

Uncyclopedia does not publish the names of its donators in the financial log unless explicitly requested by the donator in the memo field of their donation. If you would like your name to be published, and (optionally) to link to a site of your choice, please request it in the memo field, along with the link. If you cannot provide your link in the memo, please contact the controlling admin to verify the donation and add your link. If you are donating on behalf of an organization, and wish for it to be published, provide its name and a link to its web presence in the memo field along with your request. Please ensure you have sufficient authority to make a donation on behalf of the organization in question.

For the sake of transparency and accountability, we do not (and will not) withhold the amount donated for any transaction.