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Nutshell.svg This page in a nutshell: Recreating deleted text is a waste of our time – and yours. Don't do it.

We at Uncyclopedia appreciate your contributions, especially the cool article you just created. However, when an admin deletes an article you created, they do it for a reason. Perhaps it was just spam and really didn't belong here. Maybe it was plagiarized from another humor website. More likely, the community voted to have it huffed.

In any case, recreating the deleted content is really not a good idea because it shows that you haven't learned anything from the administrators. It also wastes your time because you have to copy the original text ahead of time and paste it into the edit window. It also wastes our time because we have to go through and delete the page all over again.

The admins are trying to teach you something[edit]

The experienced members of our community know humor inside out[citation needed]. They've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. They will know when an article belongs on Uncyclopedia and when it deserves life in Azkaban. Seriously. Trust us.

New users tend to learn by imitation, or try to bite off more than they can chew by creating really long, repetitive, and boring articles. This tells us only one thing: that you haven't had much experience writing articles. It takes time and patience. And hey, we're really nice guys, so a lot of us will be willing to help you out with stuff that you're having trouble with.

What "Don't recreate deleted text" means[edit]

Recreating deleted text means doing any of the following:

  • Backing-up the source code of an article on your computer, then if (and when) the article gets deleted, restoring the text by pasting it into the edit window and hitting Save.
  • Following the above steps, and changing a few words so that the new article is 1% different from the old one.
  • Recreating an article under a different title.

Recreated text is deleted on sight. Also, don't spam the administrators defending your article or blackmail them to restore your article. It's been tried many times, and it has failed each time. Repeat violators may be blocked.

What "Don't recreate deleted text" doesn't mean[edit]

"Don't recreate deleted text" does not mean don't create an article with the same title as a page that was previously deleted, but with different content. You are encouraged to create a new version of an article that's been huffed, as long as the content is different.

Also permitted is restoring your work, however crappy, in your userspace where it is safe from most of our policies and guidelines. However, cyberbullying, slander and personal attacks are not permitted anywhere on Uncyclopedia, even in your userspace.

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