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Tuesday June 2014

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The troubles with this article begin with its title - Wwwwwwwww - which ruins any chances the reader might have of mistaking it for a serious news piece: it means nothing whatsoever and makes abundantly clear that we are about to be treated to a glowing endorsement of the author's ability to have great fun with a keyboard and a mouse at the expense of the reader's nerves.

This is indeed exactly what the page consists of. It bears no resemblance to anything that could be described as 'news'. Even that, however, is putting it mildly; it is not an article at all. The author revels in attempting to pass off a long speech about the inadequacy of this 'article' as news, but fails miserably in spite of the presence of the usual boilerplate UnNews content which is supposed to trick us into mistaking this for news.

I presume this rant was intended to parody my own efforts to keep UnNews clean of this sort of nonsense. That is not only a terrible way to address concerns, but a terrible way to write an UnNews article and a great way to convince me that you are only here to screw around rather than write funny content. It is not news, does not read like news, satirises no current events, is written in the first person, and is overall an exercise in laughing at ourselves - or rather, at a specific user you happen to dislike - rather than making the reader laugh. This is a disgrace to Uncyclopedia. I will not do you the courtesy of mercy-moving this to userspace as I did last time - I will just list it on QVFD and you on Ban Patrol. Then you'll have something to occupy your obviously endless loads of free time: trying to get through your thick head why both you and your articles suck.

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