UnNews:Weird Super Bowl delays power outage

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3 February 2013

Here you can see the manager of the power outage standing in front of the sudden Super Bowl.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana -- The happy football free town of New Orleans was enjoying its day at the 47th annual power outage. It was a good outage, and people were either cheering for the out side or the working side. Near the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the power outage, all of a sudden—a football field, players, and coaches appeared on the ground.

After the sudden break in the action, many of the 71,024 fans and the 300 million fans watching at home started murmuring. The announcer made many weird statements about the Super Bowl. However, the cheerleaders for the out side and the working side still shook their pompoms.

The roughly 35-minute Super Bowl, which happened right after the working side's Jacoby Jones added a light to its side, was one of the oddest moments in power outage history. "It was so weird," says David Stern, manager of power outage (above). "We had no idea why the Super Bowl had happened."

In choosing New Orleans to host the game, the NFL wanted to signal the city was still out of business after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The Superdome, which was an emergency shelter after the storm, had been overhauled and rebranded to a partnership with Uncyclo-Benz.
This Super Bowl will be added to the legends of power outages, being the most odd one.