UnNews:Terror 'Mr Fixit' released after comment on BBC website claims he is innocent

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19 August 2008

Aabid Khan, seen here "layin' it all down" for the press.

LONDON, United Kingdom. A former burger-bar worker who purportedly became the driving force behind a "worldwide conspiracy" to kill non-Muslims was completely acquitted of all charges after his defence team found a comment on the "Have Your Say" section of the BBC news website which indicated his innocence.

Defence lawyer Steven Cains is thought to have found the comment on the BBC website while looking at an article about his client and the crimes he was accused of.

"It's quite remarkable really", he said outside the Old Bailey, beaming, "you just never know what incredibly useful and solid sources of information you can come across on the web and just literally are waiting around the corner."

Aabid Khan, 31, of Tooting said, "I would like to extend most vehement thanks to the commenter 'pOwerMan435' for proclaiming my innocence with such conviction and bravery".

The comment was read out to Judge Thomas Allen during the latter stages of the trial. "After the comment and its respective source were made known to me, I was moved to throw out the trial immediately".

"There was no arguing with pOwerMan435 reasoning, the more I thought about it the clearer the facts became. It completely blows the prosecution's (CPC) case out of the water."

Some of his associates are also currently on trial for terrorism related charges, and the defence team says it is now looking for comments on the Times, Guardian and BBC news websites to exonerate them.

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