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3 December 2007

Never mind the bollocks.

Former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has suggested that the British National Anthem might need an update for the 21st century. Prime Minister Gordon Brown kicked off the debate on "Britishness" last year, when he spoke of citizenship and a new patriotism. But Lord Goldsmith has now told Uncyclopedia's political editor Reverend Zimulator there was a problem with later verses of God Save the Queen and that some people were arguing for a change.

"There's some problem with part of it absolutely," the peer said. "Part of it is not actually that inclusive, but that's if you go onto the later verses. Nobody likes the Scots, but that's no excuse, is it? Rebellious, skirt-wearing bastards, can't understand a word they say..."

"God Save the Queen" currently acts as the national anthem of the United Kingdom, though it has never been officially adopted by Royal Proclamation or Act of Parliament, but, rather, has become entrenched by tradition alone.

The shortlist for replacement songs include:

In a package of constitutional reforms published in July, Mr Brown called for a citizen's summit to draw up a British statement of values, which would be "a living statement of rights and responsibilities for the British people, with Tiffin and Tea for all". The document would feed into a possible new British Bill of Rights.