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Monday, February 6, 2017

The moment in which Lady Gaga dropped the mic, making herself an eligible receiver, and caught Tom Brady's screen pass.

Lady Gaga has yet to be tackled after catching a football during yesterday's Super Bowl halftime show.

The 30-year-old alien-popstress caught a looped pass on the halfway line, and took off running towards the endzone. Delighted game announcers initially followed her progress, believing she would celebrate after scoring a touchdown.

However, the Bad Romance singer continued, Forrest Gump-style, past the goalpost and off out of the stadium. Experts believe she may have been startled or stimulated by the fireworks which went off in the moments after her catch, and was thus spurred into a record-breaking pass reception.

Gaga's manager Troy Carter has expressed concerned over the star's fate: "Lady was wearing a pair of silvery knee-high high-heeled boots, which are not designed for acts of passing or rushing more than 30 yards.

"If anyone happens to see Lady Gaga, please - on behalf of all her friends and family - tackle her to the ground."

"Otherwise we are worried that she will literally run herself to death, like something Daryl Hannah would do in Blade Runner."

Lady Gaga is not the first halftime performer at the Super Bowl to be inspired by the sport. In 1993, Michael Jackson famously slipped a flea-flicker to a tight end, while in 2009, Bruce Springsteen rushed for a first down and performed a memorable quarterback slide.

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