UnNews:Japan makes 'online insults' punishable by one year in prison in wake of reality TV star's death

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

No more fucks, we are sorry...

みんなファック! It is now forbidden to make offensive comments on internet in Japan due to a suicidal tv-star, bullied literally to death with a simple "Fuck You". The Japanese parliament voted the resolution concerning cyber-bullying and demanded a more strong control over the community to preserve human dignity from deliberate insults that may cut more then paper. The next law to pass that day was how short should be female student uniforms but this is another story entirely (very very short). The previous law was a detention of 30 days or a fine about 75$, with the new preposition the fine is around 2.200$, making the "fucks" equivalent to crypto-currency. So if you chat with other Japanese always remember how much would cost you words like: Shit, fuck, ass, asshole, screw you, whore, son of a, grandson of a, your mum, your dad, imbecile and many others, by the way the most expensive remains Asian-Yellow-Butt-Face... it resemble my favorite porn site... anyway many died after this one, MANY! The bill proved controversy though, cause many believe in the right of free-speech, "I want to be free to say fuck you all" was the new slogan from the majority that oppose this law, they are focusing on the power of a good fat F-U-C-K because sometimes what you really need is a huge insult to your mum.

The issue of online harassment has gained prominence in the past few years after the death of professional wrestler and reality television star Hana Kimura, (HanalMore22 on the net). Kimura, 22 years old with a proficient career in wrestling and television, where she found how to fight and act respectively: she fought wild raccoons and she interpreted Terrace House on netflix being the terrace of the house. She died of suicide in 2020 after online abuse by some clearly not-so-fans, this sad story made possible the outgoing law and secondary dying of fucking but not in the sexual sense.

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